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The Driving Thing   —   Personal

Aside from a very short driving stint about a year ago, I hadn't really driven in about eight years. Despite the fact that when I was nineteen years old I spent the better part of a year driving by myself around various parts of the United States, when I moved to New York City I was more than ready to give up the whole driving thing. I often find myself mildly claustrophobic in cars and elevators, planes, in heavy crowds, essentially, I don't have birds tattooed on my wrists for no reason. I need my space, freedom to fly, and I prefer my feet to any kind of transportation that can be offered. So the idea of getting back to my driving roots was a bit scary. I don't have a great trust of most people's ability to make wise and careful decisions, so putting my trust in those people to get behind the wheel of a huge machine and not kill me, well, it seems just plain stupid. But I guess going on the assumption that most people don't want to die any more than I do, I'm required to put a little blind faith into the process, swallow my fear, and remind myself that I've done it all before.

I have to take The Vomit King to the vet on Tuesday in hopes to discover why he pukes if he hasn't eaten in four hours, so I was forced to finally get behind the wheel yesterday to practice driving. I was a little tense about the whole thing but for the most part once I began driving it felt extremely familiar. Tonight however will be my first driving experience alone in a very very long time, and I'm more than a little nervous. I guess it's mostly the unfamiliarity with the area than anything, but I guess getting lost is the best way to discover your direction. Wish me luck.

Posted 8.20.2007 3:37:30 PM

Mom wrote:
So how did the driving thing go?? Nancy
Posted 8/20/2007 7:14:03 PM
JenniferRabbit wrote:
The car thing gets easier....I found the the hardest thing to get used to again was nighttime driving on a divided highway. Practice makes perfect. I can even drive and yell at my hypo-condriac-fiance (while he white-knuckles in the car on the NJ Turnpike) at the same time and not run red lights. Progress.
Posted 8/21/2007 11:44:15 AM
Dad wrote:
Stay off of Potter Rd. It has been known to have jumping split rail fences that lodge themselves in your bumper when you least expect it. You need to buy a chain saw!
Posted 8/21/2007 6:23:09 PM
Doll wrote:
I told you! They're dangerous. And you didn't believe me ... sheesh.
Posted 8/21/2007 9:27:16 PM
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