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He swallowed the spider to catch the fly.   —   Cats!

There was a giant fly in the kitchen today, bumping its grotesque fly body against the window screen in a fruitless effort at escape. It was so big that I could actually hear its buzzing. Tsunami woke from a dead sleep, bounded into the kitchen, honed in on the sucker like an attack missile, and just ... ate it. Alive. In the middle of its frantic screen bumping buzzing Tsunami just opened his jaws and swallowed it whole. I imaged the fly banging around inside his mouth as it was banging against the metal mesh, still trying to find a way out before quickly being forced down into a small tube which emptied him out into a small moist room wherein he continued to bump and buzz. I wonder if it tickled the inside of Tsunami's mouth. If it tasted bitter or mildly of garbage. I wonder if my cat will die of some kind of fly disease. I've been trying to find a spider to feed to Tsunami so it will go and catch that fly. But then again, we all know how that worked out for the old lady, so maybe I should just let buzzing flies lie.

Posted 8.21.2007 9:45:05 PM

Dad wrote:
I have the perfect solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 8/22/2007 5:53:33 AM
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