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A Puzzling Affair   —   Kid Stuff

I like to do jigsaw puzzles. When I was about four years old I stepped on a toothpick and about an inch of that toothpick remained embedded in my heel for two weeks. The doctor said that my body would eventually just push it out, the alternative was surgery, which we couldn't afford and I didn't want. I couldn't walk on my foot so I did a lot of sitting for those few weeks. And my parents bought me a lot of jigsaw puzzles. They started out being the recommended ones for my age, 12 large pieces that made into a picture of brightly colored animals. It was soon apparent that those were too easy so they moved me on to a 24 piece puzzle, which I then tore through in a matter of hours. My mother remembered a few puzzles she had kept from when she was a child, and dug out of the attic four 63 piece puzzles for me to tackle. They took me a little bit longer to figure out and they quickly became my favorite. Over the years of my youth I've probably assembled these four puzzles a hundred times.

Last night, after a very wise suggestion from my awesome husband, I dug out those four puzzles for the first time in maybe twenty years. I sat down on the hardwood floor, popped in the movie Slither, and slowly started to put together those puzzles piece by piece. I guess I didn't expect the rush of memories to accompany those puzzles, how I remembered each piece, recalled the pieces that once so long ago would stump me, remembered the small sections of pictures on every piece with all their detail, even the curve of the puzzle pieces and where some of them were worn or bent. It was amazing. I then started to remember all of the places I'd dragged those puzzles to and where I'd put them together. My grandmother's indoor porch, the scratchy green plastic "carpeting" that would leave indentations on my knees. The basement of our house on days too hot to be above ground. My cousin's house in the "play room" which was really just a very nice attic. And countless others. It was interesting to remember, after all these years of doing jigsaw puzzles, where that love stemmed from, and to experience it all over again.

And of course, the ever-helpful Tsunami. Doing his part, whatever that is.

Posted 8.24.2007 6:08:52 PM

Necrophon wrote:
Isn't nostalgia great? And my wife and I just watched Slither for the first this week!
Posted 8/25/2007 7:11:06 PM - Necrophon's website
Mom wrote:
Wow Ihaven't seen those puzzles in years....since they were mine back in the day...1950's & 60's being my favorite and then my 2 daughters ....I love the thought ..knowing you love them as much as I did..and all the warm thoughts and memories they keep giving after all these years.....As a little girl..up North in our cabin, that was 5 miles back in the woods by West Branch Mich. these 4 puzzles were packed in my bags for the trip ...I had long nights by kersone lamp..doing these very puzzles....Enjoy my dear daughter.............the simple things in this Life are always the best for me....Much Love..Mom
Posted 5/22/2008 7:43:32 PM - Mom's website
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