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Quick someone call the girl police, and file a report   —   Music

Today was the day that I sold all of my Ani Difranco cd's. The thick femme-folk guided me through my angsty years to be sure. Ani's sweet and yet aggressive voice refueled my girl-power on many ho-hum days. Her gentle guitar playing soothed me, her angry guitar playing riled me, her lyrics at times made me laugh, and in others it inspired political thought. Somewhere between becoming a New Yorker and discovering a passion for The Beatles, I lost my understanding of Ani and her art. For many years now I've held onto that music, a reminder of more complicated times of youth, but I've known that despite my fondness for the memories Ani and I were through.

For the past few years I've been really getting into David Bowie. His eclectic style and vast range has opened my tastes up to various other artists of the 60's and 70's, and combined with my love for The Beatles and Pink Floyd, I suppose my new musical path isn't all too surprising.

There's this great little used CD & DVD store down the block from us, not only do they have terrific prices on all their movies and music, but they buy your used stuff and offer a (lower) cash option, or a (higher) trade value. In the three months since we've been here we've traded in about $200 in merchandise. Where in New York City you can't pay people to buy your used CD's, here they'll buy just damned near anything and give you a good trade value on it too. So after the past few weeks of trading in some CD's that I rarely listen to anymore (The Darkness, White Stripes, The Killers, The Shins) and purchasing more Bowie, America, Jefferson Airplane, Syd Barrett, I came face to face once again with my abundant Difranco collection and with a tough decision to make. Do I sacrifice the music of my youth, of which I haven't listened to in probably the past five years at least, in an effort to purchase music that is more to my current standard? The thought of listening to another Ani cd anytime soon made it a very easy yes.

And so it is done. Today was the day that Ani Difranco was traded in for The Who and Van Morrison, the Byrds and (yes, that's right) Lynyrd Skynard. I don't doubt if the event has caused a few unexplained sudden deaths of women with unshaven legs and bandannas. But hey, sometimes a girl has just got to rock out with her cock out, you know?

Posted 8.25.2007 8:47:13 PM

VBOT wrote:
i love ani, but i have cultivated a love of Bruce Springsteen and Crosby Stills and Nash. don't tell anyone.
Posted 8/26/2007 9:51:08 AM
Sam wrote:
not only are you listening to a great collection of classic rock, you also said "rock out with your cock out". Awesome.
Posted 8/27/2007 9:42:43 AM
Mr. Space wrote:
I feel similarly towards Pink Floyd. I think they spoke to me more when I was a confused 16-year old.
Posted 8/28/2007 8:42:20 AM - Mr. Space's website
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