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Back to life.   —   Personal

We last left our heroine unemployed and doing laundry. Oh such lazy hazy crazy days of summer. Indeed. I suppose if I would have known that I wouldn't be posting again for nearly a month, my last post wouldn't have been about laundry, but maybe something a little more interesting, like vacuum cleaners. I know what you're thinking, 'You're one wild dame Mrs. Alexander!', and I'd have to agree with you there. Sometimes I can barely be restrained by these strict social rules we all live by, but I try. I do try.

So, funny story, I got a job at Pier One Imports! Actually, it's not so much a funny story as just, well, it's neither funny nor a story, but it is something, I'm just trying to figure out what. See, my first real job was at Pier 1, back when I was just a young lass living in Michigan, and I quickly rose through the ranks of Holiday Help to Sales Associate to Assistant Manager to almost Visual Merchandiser but I hated my boss at the time and told her she was a horrible manager and then told her where she could stick the promotion. She really was just a horrible manipulative bitch. Anyways, I worked at Pier 1 for a few years and while I loved the job (until the new boss) I always dreamed of one day working in an office and doing important things like, filing. So it's rather funny that after nearly ten years of working my way from being an Office Assistant to Assistant to the Editor, to randomly landing in Telecom and eventually making 56k with killer benefits, that I would one day, on purpose, leave it all behind to go work for Pier 1 again, as a Sales Associate, Part Time, for barely $10 an hour. The majority of me is really happy about this. For the past bazillion years that I've been stuck behind a desk in front of a computer feeling my ass go numb I'd daydream about working at a Pier 1 again, because frankly it was the most fun I'd ever had at a job. After all, I get to clean, organize, decorate, and then tell people how they should organize and decorate, all of which, most of you know, are some of my favorite things. But there's another part of me, the part of me that sees my credit card bills and remembers being a young (semi) professional living in New York City and wearing slacks and pumps and giving Power Point presentations and making enough money to live comfortably by in a place like NYC, and that part of me cries a little bit inside. But then that other part of me just kicks the crying part of me in the shins and calls her a baby while she sharpens her ax and shines up her tattoos with motor oil.

Posted 9.27.2007 10:21:22 PM

Dad wrote:
Funny how life always moves in circles.
Posted 9/28/2007 8:14:26 AM
Botch the Crab wrote:
I guess your job as a debt-collecting telemarketer was your second favorite?
Posted 9/28/2007 10:56:31 AM - Botch the Crab's website
Juliet wrote:
I randomly came across you blog doing a google search using the keywords zombie and laundry . I'm newish to Portland as well. Anyway- I'll keep reading you.
Posted 9/30/2007 8:18:43 PM - Juliet's website
JenniferRabbit wrote:
Nice! Retail!! What I wouldn't give for a discount again.

BTW, I was in your "neighborhood" last week...San Diego for a conference. I know its like, 9 hours away, but still, you side of the street. I called my mom and was like, "Mom, get this...the licence plates all say 'California' just like the movies!!" Yes, I'm dumb.

Anyway, on our one night free, we went to a "Haunted Hotel" and for $13.99, I experienced 5 minutes of 15 year-olds creaming and getting scared by stupid, yet earnest teens, dressed in day-glo costumes, jumping out of the shawdows at me. TOTALLY reminder me of you guys....see you in a week!!!
Posted 10/10/2007 7:18:55 PM
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