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Less is just easier.   —   Personal

I remember going down to the deli on my lunch hour with a craving for potato chips. I just wanted something salty and crunchy, simple, nothing fancy. I'd stand in front of the chip wall and stare at no less than probably a hundred different kind of chips. There's a dozen flavors of one brand of chip, then there's others without sodium, ones without fat, without calories, then there's the organic kinds, the ones with the new packaging, the ones with 20% more (!), the ones that promise penis enlargement, and the ones with a tiny magic genie to grant you three wishes with every four purchases. Thin ones, thick ones, small ones, fat ones, spongy ones, ones that were almost guaranteed to cut the roof of your mouth, ones that might give you liver disease, ones that are made without potatoes. Every single time I'd get sucked into the chip vortex and be hypnotized and confused, no longer sure of what I wanted, there were too many choices, what if I make the wrong decision, it may just ruin my entire lunch, my day, my life! I get this way with candy decisions as well. Something sweet? Sour? Chewy? Gummy? Melty? Crunchy? With nuts? Without nuts? Somebody give me a Valium, my head is spinning. The conclusion, ladies and gents, is that there are too many god damned choices.

In a day and age where the belief is that the more options the better, the more to choose from means the more freedom we have, give us everything in every available color and hell if you run out of colors invent some new ones. Frankly I yearn for a simpler time. Coke or Pepsi? Chocolate or licorice? Horse & carriage or walking?

My home is no sanctuary from the barrage of too many choices and decisions to make. I have recreated the deli's chip wall out of movies, books, video games and comics. On far too often an occasion I find myself, with the intent to pick a movie for the evening's viewing, standing in front of the movie collection with a blank stare on my face while my mind is racing, comedy or horror, action or drama, the comfort of a movie I've seen a dozen times, or the gentle surprise of a movie I've seen only twice? And before I know it twenty minutes have passed and I'm no closer to making a decision and am, in fact, unsure of if I even want to watch a movie at all anymore. Let me throw some numbers at you so you can get a sense of the sheer amount of individual options to decide from.

We own no less than: 262 movies, 16 TV show collections, 37 video games, 335 books, and hundreds of comic books. I have a compulsion to own entertainment, like someone who continuously stocks canned food in their fallout shelter in preparation for the atomic bomb, I too am stocking up for the day when I am the only survivor in a world-wide catastrophe, and I finally have the time and means to read every book, play every video game, and watch every movie. That is of course until I fall on my face and break my reading glasses and then boy oh boy isn't the joke on me.

Posted 10.5.2007 11:13:31 PM

Brian wrote:
Do you ever watch stuff on TED? This one is straight to your point and one of my favorite talks...

Malcolm Gladwell kinda digs different choices though:
Posted 10/6/2007 12:54:24 AM
Botch wrote:
When the hell did you count all our books?!? You frighten me.
Posted 10/6/2007 4:12:53 PM - Botch's website
OG wrote:
then shouldn't you save up a whole bunch you haven't read or watched or whatever and maybe get 2 pairs of glasses?
Posted 10/7/2007 3:31:28 PM
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