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The Funnies - A Lesson in Love   —   Notes from a Marriage

Upon moving to Portland Adam and I have developed some new routines. The one that I will speak of here and now is our Wednesday night trip to the comic book store. For those of you not "in the know" Wednesday's are new comic book day wherein the new issues of select monthly titles are shipped to comic book stores, and comic book geeks such as ourselves, flock to our favorite comic shop to snatch up our coveted stories, and for some (like myself) to peruse new titles as well. Our comic book shop of choice now that we're in Portland is one called Cosmic Monkey. They have by far and large the most expansive comic book stock a comic lover could ask for. The place is huge, well organized and well stocked. They have everything from mainstream to independent press, a rather impressive Trade Paperback supply, and the most complete collection of horror comics a girl could dream of. The two guys that own the place, Adam and Andy, know us now as weekly regulars, and every Wednesday they acknowledge us when we walk through the doors. Most Wednesday's, upon check out time, we all engage in comic book geek conversation, testing one another's knowledge and level of geekness. It's a process that Adam and I thoroughly enjoy, from the time we both get home from work and I print up my list of comics being released that week, deciding who will drive (in the summer we ride our bikes), talking about our day on the way to the shop, and then spending a leisurely amount of time browsing the store and then ultimately purchasing our gems of the week, to getting in the car and deciding what to do with the rest of the night. Usually Wednesday's are our "dining out" night, something to round out an evening of togetherness, and afterward when we come home we go through one another's stack of comics that we bought and discuss each one with thoughts on story arches, mentions of reviews we've read, or notes on art. In New York Adam and I obtained our new comics every Wednesday on our lunch hours, separately, even going to different comic book stores, whichever was closest to our jobs. But upon moving to Portland things have changed. And I must say, comic book Wednesday's are now so much more than just new comics.

I love you baby.

Posted 11.29.2007 12:02:12 AM

Botch the Crab wrote:
I love you, too, Supergirl!
Posted 11/29/2007 4:13:46 PM - Botch the Crab's website
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