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The Mist   —   Horror Movies

A few years ago I read Stephen's King short story called "The Mist", published in one of King's short story books called Skeleton Crew. The story is about 120 pages long and on the morning that I began reading it I was headed to work on the subway. When I arrived to work I was already so enthralled with the story that the thought of putting the book down for the next eight hours was devastating. I almost went home "sick". Instead, on a whim, I googled the first two sentences of the story and found a website that had an archive of short stories from various authors and there The Mist was, answering the call of a desperate voice. I immediately saved the file and spent the rest of the day reading The Mist on my computer while pretending to actually be working. I finished the story by the end of the work day and then immediately emailed the file to a friend of mine and insisted that he read it.

Last year when I learned that they were making The Mist into a movie I was both overjoyed and terrified. So often Stephen King movies turn out horribly. Sure, we have classics like Carrie, but we also have abominations like Desperation. A book I'll have you know, that I loved. A movie that I, if at all possible, would have punched in the face. Given the fact that Frank Darabont was signed on to write and direct The Mist (Darabont directed and wrote the screenplays for both The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption) gave me some hope.

I've spent the last few days rereading The Mist in preparation for the movie. It's true that I was already planning on going into the movie with a critical eye, something I rarely do, prepared to dissect it, prepared to hate it. Tonight I saw The Mist. And it was wonderful. I'll say little more about the film because I want to encourage you all to just go and see it. Of course I truly recommend reading the story and then going to see the film, but many of you don't have the time or patience for that so I won't force the issue. The movie however, is a great little piece of horror, extremely faithful to it's penned self, and rife with tension. And the ending, well ... boy howdy!

Addendum: I decided that I would link the website which had hosted all of the online stories I had discovered, but after following my bookmark I found that it is no longer operational. I do however still have the file, so if you're interested in reading the story immediately (or at work!) and have no interest in supporting the starving artist known as Stephen King, then drop me a line and I just might email it to you. But only if you tell me that I'm a pretty pretty princess. And then promise to send me a book report entitled "Why I loved The Mist" and then being sure to draw comparisons to Nabokov's "Pale Fire" and to Orwell's "Animal Farm". And then .... no, I'm done.

Posted 11.30.2007 12:54:34 AM

VBOT wrote:
do you know that there is a musical of "Animal Farm"? it's true. a musical with puppets. think lion king, but with a political bent. i was hired by a jr high school drama department to build the masks. so very very weird
Posted 11/30/2007 7:49:55 PM
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