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Have Yourself an Expensive Little Christmas   —   Holidays

Greetings, from the wet wonderland that is Portland, Oregon! It looks like we've finally slipped into the soggy winter months, and just in time for Christmas. Life has been kind of hectic these past few weeks, I've been given more hours at work since being promoted to Assistant Manager and topped with Xmas shopping and making preparations for my mother's visit in a few days, well, I'm already looking forward to the holiday season to be over.

Usually I'm pretty psyched about the Christmas holiday. I enjoy buying gifts for people and seeing pretty holiday lights and eating gluttonous amounts of food. I look forward to watching Emmit Otter's Jug Band Christmas and nibbling on candy canes taken from the tree late at night. There are so many things I love about Christmas, but for some reason this year, not so much. I suppose it has a little to do with my husband's Grinch like attitude that surrounds the event. Of course I deal with this every year and usually it doesn't get me down but this time, well, I think his grinchiness has rubbed off a little onto me. The senseless compulsion to buy people you barely know or whom you rarely communicate with presents to satisfy some expectation or social obligation. Or even when you're buying for people that you love, it seems that no matter how much you get or how much thought was put into everything it's never enough. Things could always be better, bigger, more. Today as I was channel surfing the radio on my way to work I heard a commercial for a jewelry store. It went something like this.

Jewelry guy: "Hello, who's on your Xmas list this year?"
Woman: "me. I'm buying for me, from my husband. Every year I never get what I want so this year I'm buying all of my own gifts so now I'll have everything that I want."
Jewelry guy: "Why, you don't have to do that, we have a Wish List that you can fill out and give to your husband so he'll know exactly what to get you."
Woman: "There's only one problem with that. He has to buy me everything on the list!"
Jewelry guy: "HA HA HA HA HA HA"
Selfish Materialistic Bitch: "HA HA HA HA HA HA"

I was appalled. Do people really think about Christmas this way? As an opportunity to get everything they want? What happened to gifts that are simply unique and thoughtful? Hell, I can usually just buy the things that I want any old time. I don't have extravagant tastes. I don't covet diamonds and trips to Ireland and new cars. And if I did, I wouldn't expect anyone else to buy them for me, not even my spouse. People spend so much money on Christmas, it all just seems so wasteful, so fleeting. That, and our Christmas tree has spiders. Ba hum bug.

Posted 12.21.2007 2:59:08 AM

VBOT wrote:
put glitter on your spiders. or tiny santa hats. or gift wrap them tiny little boxes of flies. god bless us, every one!
Posted 12/21/2007 10:35:56 AM
Nancy wrote:
Well, congratulations on the promotion to Assistant Manager! I can honestly say that I only mailed you what I really thought you'd like! Love, Mom
Posted 12/24/2007 10:37:32 PM
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