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Happy F'ing New Year   —   Holidays

Yes, I'm just full of F bombs lately, apparetnly...

Christmas was good. Thanks for asking. The mother and her husband were in town for a week, that was, long...

I haven't had a day to myself in, I dunno, like, three weeks maybe. I have the day off on Friday, that will be my first day off in eight days. I plan on sleeping, alot...

New Years was good. We spent the night with some Portland friends of ours. We drank and played Pictionary. It was brutal and lengthy and Flora and I won because Adam got too drunk to continue the game. Some things never change....

I have to work in five hours. Sleep will never come. I can only hope New Years Day is not a day for retail shoppers. F them all.

Posted 1.1.2008 5:29:54 AM

Dad wrote:
Heather Marie!!!!!!!! Anti "F" pills might help your holiday spirit!
Posted 1/1/2008 1:40:15 PM
Mom wrote:
Mom wrote: Heather you touched my heart with the writings on the painting and weaving...you carry your past family home within...to give you strength to go forward....Love Mom
Posted 2/11/2008 8:56:56 PM - Mom's website
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