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One afternoon in January of 2007 while blogging at work and feeling particularly trapped in my NY cage, I came across an image that lent itself grandly to my feelings of discontent. I posted it in my Snapshots as the feature for the day and titled it "Waiting for my moment to jump in." You can view it here. The symbolism to me at the time was that the room was NYC, the watery land beyond the window, Portland, and I the girl, leaning toward the window gazing wistfully upon a paradise I was not yet a part of and simply "waiting for my moment to jump in". The painting incidentally, is Salvador Dali.

For the last five weeks my father has been taunting me with a housewarming/xmas gift that he said was in the process of being made but wouldn't arrive until mid January. He gave clues here and there and I had a few ideas as to what it may be but nothing really solid. Today the package finally arrived and with the spirit of mounted anticipation I eagerly opened the box marked Fragile and gingerly unwrapped something that smelled of oil and canvas. What I uncovered was surprising and curious. Like looking at a private emotion made solid.

If you haven't guessed already the gift that I have received is a replicated oil painting of Salvador Dali's painting Young Woman at the Window. My father commissioned an art gallery that specializes in replicas to paint that image. An image that on one afternoon, captured a deep and sad longing of mine. It's so unbelievably thoughtful and an absolutely perfect gift for our new home on the other side of the window. Thank you Dad.

Another thoughtful gift worth mentioning, while I'm already on the subject, is one that I received from my mother for Christmas. When I was a child my mother spent a lot of her free time creating weavings and pottery. She was quite talented and sold many of her pieces at local art shows. We'd always had a lot of her art around the house, on the walls and on the shelves, and every piece was unique and unlike any of the others. When our family broke up in 1996 the house's belongings were scattered in four different directions. I ended up with a smattering of items of sentimental value, some of which were a few pottery pieces of my mother's, which I treasure. Her weavings were often her artistic crowning achievements (until she started working with beads and leather that is) and these she held on to over the years. Until now. This year she was kind enough to pass along one of my personal favorites, a weaving that is almost akin to a photograph of my mother for as much as it reflects her and her creativity, style, beauty, uniqueness, and heart. One that is as familiar to me as my own reflection. And when I opened it on Christmas morning, it felt like going home, something that, with divorced parents, is never again an option. It now hangs in my home, reminding me of family and of where I come from, closing the distance if only in spirit, between my mother and me.

Posted 1.17.2008 12:17:07 AM

Dad wrote:
We're so happy your moment to jump has finally come, and look where you have landed, in an "Oasis in Portland". We love you Lamar.
Posted 1/17/2008 6:34:33 AM
TDC wrote:
What a great gift on both parts!!!! What a powerful thing to have in your home. A reminder of both where you come from and where you are going. I'm jealous. You are lucky to have parents that know you so well.
Posted 1/17/2008 12:05:58 PM
Nancy wrote:
How beautiful both gifts are, and how thoughtful! Both look great in your home. The weaving almost looks like a 'dreamcatcher' - is it? The east coast misses you!
Posted 1/18/2008 1:59:29 PM
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