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Keep Portland Weird   —   Portland

When Adam and I moved to Portland back in June we started to spot bumper stickers that said "Keep Portland Weird". We were all, yeah okay, too new to the scene to really know. That was before the nude bike marathon, the angry drunken Santa gang, Stripparaoke, and this, Frozen Mob. Portland, random, bizarre, weird.

And on another note, our friend (my bestest friend) Ethan will be visiting us here in Portland next week for five whole days and I'm so excited about it I almost just peed a little just now while typing that. I've also had a glass of wine and kind of have to go anyways so that may be why but I swear my excitement is barely containable. Though, admittedly, I rarely portray excitement in any visually measurable way, you kind of have to just take my word on it at any given time.

I'm tired. To bed with me. Ciao.

Posted 2.24.2008 1:28:18 AM

Ethan wrote:
There was an annual Freeze Tag game that took place on Wall Street that actually got SHUT DOWN by the cops this year a few minutes after it started. It had been going on for the last four years. Apparently freeze tag in an empty financial district is a threat to homeland security.
Posted 3/5/2008 10:33:39 AM
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