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This post is meant to be a review for a book called Gossip of the Starlings, but first I'm compelled to begin with the story on how I came to read this book, as it doesn't hit the bookstores until June 10th. In 2001 I read a book that I loved so much, that even now it's hard to find words to properly describe my feelings about it. The book is by author Nina de Gramont, and it is called Of Cats and Men. By now I have probably read that book half a dozen times, and so my view of the short story collection is that of great affection, like seeing your favorite film or looking at old photographs, you know every line, every frame, and yet still you never grow tired of it, as it has become a piece of you, and the self-recognition within it is profound. So to now go back to that very first reading seems a bit hazy, there were so many things about that year in New York City that were remarkable, but my first reading of Of Cats and Men was one of the brighter happenings of that year. The book was bought for me as a birthday gift from my husband. No doubt he wanted to tear me away from the detective novels that littered my book shelves, and what better way to do it than to give me a book about my two favorite things. The book is a collection of short stories, all featuring female protagonists and the men and animals in their lives. No other book has ever evoked such emotion, no other writing has resonated so deeply. After reading it I immediately lent it to a girlfriend and then to another and soon after I was buying it as birthday and Christmas gifts for every woman I knew. Shortly after finishing the book for the first time I couldn't shake the stories from within me. I felt such a strong need to tell the author how beautiful and wonderful I found her book to be. And so I set forth googling her with what little information I had, and somehow, I honestly can't recall how, but I came across her email address and without hesitation sent her those words of adoration that were burning a hole in my thoughts. Much to my surprise I heard back from her, kind and humble thanks to my gushing girlish email, and that small acknowledgment from this woman whose work moved me to such a great degree, felt like a tremendous honor. Over the past seven years we have kept in touch through the occasional email, and just recently she sent me an advanced copy of her second book Gossip of the Starlings, to be released in June. So Nina, this review is for you, an author with superb storytelling abilities and a pen like a magic wand.

Review of Gossip of the Starlings in following post.

Posted 3.5.2008 5:51:56 PM

A review.
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