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Something for everyone.   —   Portland

As a movie lover and a former frequenter of Photoplay, a terrific little movie rental place in Brooklyn that really catered to film buffs, I feel rather fortunate to find myself yet again within walking distance to an awesome movie rental place called Movie Madness. This place has every movie you could ever want. From foreign to independent to B-movies to films that aren't even yet on DVD (yes, there are still a few), hell, they even carry movies that Netflix doesn't yet offer. They have a wall of Academy Award winning motion pictures, for every single year the Academy Awards has existed. They arrange movies by director, actor, genre, sub-genre, and in the horror section they break it down into categories like, Dead Teens, Demons, Serial Killers, Werewolves, Zombies. They have a section for all the great Italian horror directors, Argento, Fulci, Bava, including a Stephen King section, a classic horrors section, a Creature Feature section, and the list goes on. They have a computer customers can use to look up where the heck a certain movie is stashed, whether it's on VHS or DVD, and whether it's currently available. However, the detail that really pulls this place together is their movie props and costumes. They're on display all over the place, behind glass cases in the walls, and they include pieces like a knife from Scream, an alien head from Aliens, the knife from Psycho, and costumes that actors and actresses have worn from the likes of Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor, and Veronica Lake.

It's a great place to browse for movies that you never knew existed, a great place to learn which director did what movies, and a great place to observe movie lovers in their element. Tonight as I was standing in the horror section trying to locate The Burning on VHS I spotted a young dude trying to decide between Wrong Turn 2 and the remake of The Hitcher. Clearly misguided (hey I've been there) I decided to offer some friendly advice. I steered him away from Wrong Turn 2 (bad, bad, bad) and told him that while the remake of The Hitcher isn't horrible, the original is the way to go. I also suggested that if he was in the mood for teens & deformed cannibals (Wrong Turn 2) then he should try the original The Hills Have Eyes, campy yet classic. And if he was in the mood for crazy people in vehicles, Dead End or Wind Chill would prove to be a pleasant surprise. After I watched him struggle with his desire to propose to me (he was already on his knees after all), he thanked me through his braces and acne, promptly put away his (bad bad bad) choices, and began to seek out my suggestions.

While I was standing in the very long line to rent movies I couldn't help but overhear the three geeks behind me talk about the movies they were renting. Coming up on Spring Break, and with a lot of time on their hands, someone thought it was a good idea to rent ALL of the Star Wars movies. All three original movies, all three prequel movies, both Clone War cartoons, and both Ewok made for TV movies. They were disappointed that the Star Wars Holiday Special was checked out. Total bummer. Then I noticed the couple in front of me, she was holding two DVDs, La Vie En Rose and On Golden Pond, he was holding two VHS movies, The Last Man on Earth and I Walked with a Zombie, and I could see them getting home and retiring to their separate parts of the house, she for an evening of chick flicks, he for a night of the walking dead.

All the while a movie was playing in the background. An old 70's horror I know all too well. When it was my turn in line I walked up to the stylish and cute guy behind the counter and said, "Who here wanted to watch Burnt Offerings? This movie's awesome." He said, "I did. I'm surprised you know it though." Then I handed over my movie picks, both VHS copies of Scarecrows and The Burning. He smiled and said, "enough said". Movie Madness, where a girl like me can use her powers for good, instead of evil.

Posted 3.8.2008 1:47:47 AM

JenniferRabbit wrote:
Do they have "Sing" to rent there? THEN that's a great place. A Jessica Steen/Patti Labelle 80's dance classic about high school kids OBVIOUSLY in their mid-thirties, never turned into DVD. if you watch really closely...there's a little known supporting actor....Cuba Gooding Jr. I love it so much.
Posted 3/10/2008 12:18:46 PM
Doll wrote:
I'm going there tonight to return movies, I'll check to see if they have it. Sounds like a gem.
Posted 3/10/2008 5:08:17 PM
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