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A plague upon men.   —   Music

This song is on our current CD at work. I hear it maybe five times a day. Its catchy melody and bizarre lyrics accompany my thoughts upon waking in the morning. I find myself quietly singing it while walking down the street, or driving in the car. It plays on repeat like a broken record in my mind while I wrestle with the effort of sleep. IT'S A DISEASE. A PLAGUE. And here I am to share it with you, my dear reader. Enjoy!

Posted 3.10.2008 10:45:43 PM

Dad wrote:
Wow Heather, that tune takes me back an eon or two. The Seekers in 1968, a year after my High School graduation. Good oldies never die....um, speaking of oldies, I guess that dates me a bit doesn't it. But I am younger than your Mom!
Posted 3/11/2008 7:14:59 AM
VBOT wrote:
heh. i sing this to Dot. "Hey there Dorothy Girl!" and the rest of the lyrics are weird and nonsensical.
Posted 3/11/2008 3:22:20 PM
Doll wrote:
You mean you were singing this song to Dot before my mention of it?
Posted 3/11/2008 10:00:27 PM
VBOT wrote:
Posted 3/17/2008 11:30:13 AM
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