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A swift kick in the pants.   —   Personal

I've had a lot of posts brewing in my blog-belly for a few weeks now, but unfortunately today's post will be about something I don't even really want to think about, let alone write about. It is news however that must be told and so I am here to do the telling.

I quit my job. It is perhaps the first time ever that I have quit a job that I did not want to quit. It was a job that I loved, a job that I looked forward to (almost) every day, and a job that most of all, I found to be fun. For the first time in many years I enjoyed working, and it was with great sorrow that I made the decision to quit. On Monday, at the end of my shift, I was told that I was being demoted from Assistant Manager. The reason wasn't personal, and quite honestly I would have preferred it to be so, then I wouldn't feel so betrayed, but instead the demotion was a result of poor sales in our store. So as a penalty the fat cats decided that they would cut employee hours even further than they already had, and this time a manager was to lose their position. And without regard for personal performance or even a recommendation or opinion from my boss, the fat cats chose the manager who had been a part of the management team for the shortest time, me. And so the news was delivered to me with such a casual manner that is was on the sales floor, as though it would not come as a devastating blow but instead would just be filed away as another piece of Pier 1 news.

I suppose my quiting can be perceived as a retaliation against being a sales associate again. This would be an incorrect perception. The fact of the matter is that I work harder than some others, I have proven myself daily to not only be capable of being a manager but to be someone who is assertive, reliable, proactive, someone who has ideas and a voice. To take someone like me off of the management team is ridiculous. I realize that someone had to lose their position and I don't feel that anyone there deserved to be the one who does, but for there to be no discussion of who that person may be, no evaluation or review, well, it is horribly unjust. There was mention of me transferring for a short time, mention of the possibility of someone moving in the winter and that I would be considered for that job, but what it all comes down to is that I would be desperately grasping onto the apron strings of a job that was taken away from me, and that I would be biding my time for nearly a year for something that may never come. I decided that I was worth more than all of that. I decided that I would no longer give my blood and sweat, quite literally, to a company who profits from my hard work and gives only table scraps in return.

Pier 1 Imports has been a household name in my family since the 70's. My mother has been shopping there since before I was born. Pier 1 was my first real job, I've been employed at over three locations, each time I have been hired at Pier 1 I have been promoted to Assistant Manager within a few months, I have Pier 1 merchandise in my home that is so old, I often forget that it was purchased there. And this is how I am treated. It makes me feel sick to hate Pier 1 as a company but they have left me little other option.

So, in the words of David Allen Coe, "Take this job and shove it, I ain't workin here no more." I refuse to be a puppet.

Posted 4.3.2008 2:16:28 PM

Suck My Wicker, Pier Fuckers wrote:
Here's another one for them using the quantity instead of quality measuring stick in choosing who to demote: "Last one in, first one out." Did you finish the day/week there or just say Late-a?

I know I'm not a guy wearing a green suit with question marks all over it. But I'm pretty sure the Government gives out loans to start up small businesses - *hint* *hint* - though perhaps not ones where alcohol is involved *drink* *drink* .... and *drink* again because HEY, you don't have to work tomorrow!
Posted 4/3/2008 6:22:34 PM - Suck My Wicker, Pier Fuckers's website
Dad wrote:
Heath, I am truely sorry to hear this forbidding news. I know how much you liked working there, it must have carried over from your Flint Michigan days. But alas my darling, the two Flint stores have closed due to poor sales. I think the Pier One days are to be short lived, and in the end, everything happens for a reason and maybe yours are for bigger and better things.
So look forward Lamar, new chapters are yet to come.
Posted 4/4/2008 5:42:56 AM
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