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A very effective way...   —   Cats!

On the rare occasion that I observe Commodore settling into an otherwise Tsunami favored location, I can almost guarantee that if I sit and watch long enough I will witness Tsunami coming along and seeing Commodore in his spot, a moment of curiosity and confusion pass through Tsunami's eyes, and then without hesitation Tsunami will walk over to Commodore, and with the skill of an expert marksman, sit on his head. I do not interpret or exaggerate this behavior, he quite literally sits directly atop Commodore's head. Commodore, of course, immediately rises from beneath the cat ass and continues on until he is into another room, and Tsunami, confident in his victory, takes his rightful place atop the pillow that he had laid claim to long ago.

This is perhaps a skill I could have utilized on a crowded subway when a day spent in high heels left me desperate for reprieve. Something to keep in mind, my dear New Yorkers. Careful though not to get punched in the ass.

Posted 4.10.2008 12:29:58 AM

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