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Very scary robots.   —   Macabre Mind

Last night as I lay sleeping a male robotic voice announced itself to the darkness, "I am updated." My eyes flew open and as I turn to Adam he whispers, "What was that?" I whisper back, "I don't know", and as I glance at the clock it reads half past one AM. My mind races with thoughts of malicious robots who somehow broke into our apartment with their fancy gadgets leaving behind no trace of forced entry, I expect that when Adam and I hastily get out of bed and go on the search for whatever produced that sound, we'll find one standing in the darkness of the living room, updating itself on the details of the humans whose house it had just unwelcomely entered. And then I thought, maybe Adam's dream has finally come true, maybe we're having a Toy Story moment and his Transformers have at last come to life. Won't he be so happy! I wonder what Sludge is really like... So we tiptoe through the apartment, looking, waiting for the moment of clarity, and as proof my mind operates in classic horror movie fashion, I check behind the shower curtain just to be safe. There's a moment that I turn the light on, you know, to see better, but then I quickly turn it off with a sudden fear that I am alerting the intruder that we're on to him. I suppose maybe a minute has passed since we woke in the darkness to that robotic voice, and perhaps a little more coherent I turn to Adam and ask, "What did you hear it say?" and Adam replies, "The database is updated." Of course hearing it come from him, and taking the "I am" out of the statement, it no longer seemed like such a threat. We immediately go to the computer and Adam says, "It's my Anti-virus update notification, I thought I turned the volume off." Ah, technology, succeeding in scaring the hell out of sleeping humans everywhere.

Posted 4.30.2008 2:53:59 PM

Botch wrote:
In retrospect, I should have figured it out sooner, but it really was terrifying, this distinct, male, emotionless, horrible voice.

So, yeah, that "audio notification" feature was turned off.

It's a good thing I didn't get any new e-mail. The sound effect for that is a shotgun.
Posted 5/1/2008 1:09:53 PM - Botch's website
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