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Dumb Day   —   The Social Experience

The following was an email I sent to Adam yesterday toward the end of a very dumb day. This morning he urged me to post it as a blog because he apparently thought it was all very funny. I still fail to see humor in any of it but that's because people who step in shit generally don't laugh at the fact, it's the people across the street watching them hop on one foot looking at their shoe and the twisted grimace on their face that find the whole thing hilarious. That said, below is my suffering for your amusement, because I live to serve you all.

This day seems endless and the people, crazy. A man rode his bicycle into one of our planters outside, spilling soil everywhere on the sidewalk and partially inside the store. Then he proceeded to hit on me as I was cleaning up the mess that his carelessness created. A homeless man came in earlier begging me for money. I felt bad for him but refused his request and this angered him. He proceeded to roam the store threatening to spit on everything. I had to call the Brewery Block security and have him escorted away. An Indian man stopped in to ask if he could hang posters for the upcoming seminar with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, after I told him that he could not, he launched into a five minute speech about "his holiness". Four people were in here browsing, seemingly harmless. One of the men spots the 11 foot tall wooden giraffe in the corner and is struck with the idea that it would be a great item for his cat to climb. He then decides to test this idea out for himself and jokingly tries to climb the thing. I did not find this amusing and proceeded to call him out on his ignorance. It has been one of those days where everyone who comes in here thinks I am an expert in African culture, politics, and art. Though I am learning many things I find it aggravating that people presume that I am the one going to Africa and designing this merchandise. If we have a comic book store will people presume that we know every artist or are perhaps the actual artist themselves? And to appropriately end the day, a man was just in here talking to me about masks. He was looking at some of the masks that are adorned with what he thought was gold but is actually hammered brass, and he's saying, "this here is an Americanized version of an African mask, in Africa they wouldn't put gold on their masks, I mean we see black people here wearing bling and we get all whacked out but over there they just pave their roads with it".

Come again?


Posted 6.30.2008 1:13:56 PM

nat wrote:
Awwww, sweetie! And you were hungover? YUCK! If it helps at all I would have been mortified. I'm sure you handled it with your typical unflappable, cat-like grace. I would have just squinted at them all until they left me alone. lol
Enjoy Seattle, call me when you get back, and I'll see you on Sat. if not before.
Posted 7/1/2008 3:46:52 AM
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