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Come with me kitty!   —   Cats!

Tsunami. A cat stuck in perpetual kitten hood with many qualities of man's best friend. To me he is hopelessly devoted, he follows at my heels, obeys me, comes when I call him, both sees me off at the door and comes running to greet me when I come home. He is insatiably curious, forever playful, and has amazing jumping abilities, not to mention he swims on hardwood floors. I find his personality adorable and for a girl who loves cats but also grew up with dogs, it's the perfect combination. Adam remains completely annoyed by Tsunami's devotion.

Tsunami began to follow me out onto the front porch last winter. It started out as an error on his part, not really understanding that his penchant for following me everywhere would eventually lead him into the wilds of the unknown outdoors, where loud monsters lurk and apparently humans run the earth. But it did and much to his surprise (and with some soothing and slow introductions from me) he eventually came to ... love it! And so the summer has been full of Tsunami and me on the porch together, listening to the loud and rumbling monsters, catching glimpses of a fluttering bird or flittering fly, and exploring the boundaries of the porch and all of the smells it has to offer. He has not yet made any brave attempts at escape and in fact retreats to me if I call to him in a stern voice. If I open the front door and go inside, he generally follows me in. So the other day when Adam and I were at the pet store buying food and he spots a cat leash and harness and points it out to me in jest, it was suddenly my favorite idea ever.

The first time I put the harness on Tsunami he was laying on my lap and so I could have been shaving him bald and he wouldn't have minded. After some confusing moments of figuring out where to put this paw and that one, I referenced the very helpful diagram and was eventually confident that it was securely fastened, and so I set him on the floor and that's when the swaying started. I immediately went into the kitchen to fetch his favorite treats and for a moment the harness was forgotten and TUNA FLAKES was all that encompassed his world. The swaying eventually came back as he grappled with the reality that SOMETHING IS ON ME OH GOD! and as quickly as I had put it on him, I took it off. Last night after Tsunami and I spent a few minutes on the front porch it seemed as though his appetite for the great outdoors had not been quenched with such a brief visit. He remained seated in front of the closed door, staring up at it and back at me, meowing a slow and mournful meow. Fine. You want out? You got it buddy. I immediately fetched the harness and while this wasn't my plan so early in the acclimation process, I threw the harness on him, attached the leash, carried him out back past the safe zone of the back porch of which he's ventured only a few times, and straight to the back fence. I set him down, leash securely looped through my arm, and he was essentially on his own. He hunkered down and meowed that tortured meow which usually only comes with a trip to the vet, and eyes wide he kind of just, froze. After some soothing reassurances, a few gentle pets, and some encouraging nudges with the leash, Tsunami began to walk slowly and cautiously around the parking area, occasionally being lead by me, often times just walking in an aimless freaked out fashion, the entire ordeal lasted maybe two minutes. Then we quickly made our way back to the door and safely inside where he received another treat and then as soon as I took the harness off, I kid you not, he got onto his hind legs and pawed at it while it was in my hands.

As soon as we do some more sessions and he's become comfortable with being outside I'll have Adam take a few photos. Yay cat on a leash!

Posted 7.8.2008 2:54:19 PM

Dad wrote:
We used to put Ke-Ke on a leash once in awhile......remember, or maybe something like it. What fun that was.
Posted 7/8/2008 6:05:37 PM
Doll wrote:
Don't be fooled dear reader, what my father means is that he used to create a noose out of his belt and when our outdoor cat Ke-Ke would dash indoors he would hunt her down and slip the "noose" around her neck and drag her back outside. In some regards my father is my arch nemesis.
Posted 7/8/2008 6:11:22 PM
Dad wrote:
In self defense only, I had nothing but the utmost respect for Ke-Ke, and only an impromptu "harness" could be used to assist her ousting to the yard. I am not a cat ogre as my dear daughter might infer, although I had my moments.
Posted 7/9/2008 7:27:31 AM
Dad wrote:
My darling Heather, lets not misguide your readers to conclude that your wonderful Father had evil intentions when it came to caring for our kitties. Lion taming devises had to be used on Ke-Ke.
Posted 7/9/2008 7:34:48 AM
Sam wrote:
cat on a leash. fucking awesome.
Posted 7/9/2008 9:04:40 AM
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