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What the future may hold.   —   Macabre Mind

Sitting at the bus stop this morning I remembered something that I keep forgetting. As I go to my cell phone's Notebook feature to enter this evasive little brain nougat, I spot a very perplexing note staring up at me like an image in a crystal ball. Except, you know, wordy.

You will die in the desert. That's what it said. I immediately thought to myself, When the hell will I ever be in a desert? And I should probably stay out of them from now on, now that my cell phone is giving me cryptic messages foretelling of my death. But I suppose as deaths go, deserts are, well, they're hot. Beats dying in Antarctica, or even Utah probably. So anyways, remembering that I am sometimes drunk when I enter these precious little notes to myself, (no really? yes really!) I decide that maybe the message has a more practical meaning than me dying all covered in sand. So I google the phrase when I get to work and come to find out, it's just a dumb ol band that I saw playing one night downtown. Apparently I wanted to remember their name for later, that worked out well.

And quite honestly, I think I prefer the cryptic message foretelling of my hot and sandy death. Just goes to show, sometimes the Internet has too many answers.

Posted 7.24.2008 1:16:38 PM

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