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My pretty plastic friend.   —   Kid Stuff

I was going to blog about work, about how I had to spend an entire morning/afternoon interviewing people and how I found the entire process odd, unsavory, and extremely satisfying. Now I finally understand what He-Man was boasting about all those years, power is... well, intoxicating. But that's all boring compared to the news my mother told me yesterday. She said to me five magic words, "I shipped your Barbie stuff." My heart transformed into a jack rabbit and my voice was suddenly five octaves higher. "You did?!" I squealed, "You really did?! Oh thank you thank you thank you!" It was some time ago that I'd asked my mother to ship my Barbie collection to me, now that we have the space to accommodate the two large boxes worth of my childhood Mattel obsession I felt that our reunion, Barbie and mine, was long overdue.

I don't think I qualified as your average Barbie player. Rarely did she and Ken go on dates, she definitely was never married, nor did she play mother. Instead I pretty much copied the adventures that were so dear to me in cinema. She hunted treasure in the jungle like Joan Wilder in Romancing the Stone. We lived on 28 acres of land, most of it being woods, so Barbie would pack up her Jeep and we'd go back to the stream where she'd ride the rapids and get separated from Michael Douglas (Ken). "You've got the stone!" she'd cry. "Well you've got the map!" he'd retort. I even made a small treasure map to fold and slip into her backpack, and the famous stone was a plastic gem I extracted from some costume jewelry.

Other times Barbie was buried alive. Just like Carly Manning in Days of Our Lives, my favorite soap opera. She lived in a tree, like Julia Butterfly, was stalked by a maniac killer (name any Friday the 13th movie), and learned to dance "dirty", just like Baby. Of course I made up my own adventures too, Barbie battled dinosaurs that bore a strong resemblance to a black Labrador and a Siamese cat. She would bungee jump off of the balcony, play an archaeologist and excavate "Indian" artifacts from the yard, and try to out run and out wit Swamp Thing (yeah, we had a small swamp). In the winter she would build Igloos and finally wear her fur coat, she even built a fire once to warm herself until her feet started to melt, that wasn't such a good day for Barbie.

But mostly I would construct these elaborate living quarters for her. I would take real size chairs and tables and drape them with scarves and she'd have multiple floors and rooms. I would hang art and make rugs and pillows out of my mother's fabric scraps. I made a fashion magazine for her bedtime reading material. I wrote love letters to her from Ken, and tiny envelopes to slip the letters into and then a mailbox to put them in.
I would buy small wicker doll furniture and small wooden tables at garage sales so that not everything was pink and plastic. It was truly the start of my love for decorating and even more so than the actual dolls and clothes, I loved the furniture.

I know that many of my treasured Barbie items were probably lost to the ravages of time, but I'm hoping that these boxes contain enough of them to quell that loud little girl in me who so desperately wants to reclaim her past.

Pictures are forthcoming.

Posted 8.13.2008 6:40:47 PM

Dad wrote:
My darling Lamar, I truely hope that none of your Barbies are mutated when they arrive, you know, arms where the legs go, and Ken heads on the Barbies. I don't want you to digress into the playful rages you exibited when they mysteriously were transformed. Your childhood was so amusing. Love as always.
Posted 8/14/2008 5:36:21 AM
The Husband wrote:
Adults should not have dolls, no matter what. Dolls are strictly for kids.

That's why I only have *action figures*. Not dolls.
Posted 8/14/2008 12:07:29 PM - The Husband's website
TDC wrote:
Now I understand how and why you tolerate the husband's need to play with dolls. Just make sure you don't forget the new Barbies we invisioned together. I want to see track marks in faux human flesh. I did the same kind of thing with GI Joes but the reason I have none left is that I liked it to be for real when the missle took out one of Cobra's helicopters I would put an M-80 in it
Posted 8/18/2008 3:16:27 PM
Who am I wrote:
After all these years your finally going to get these back. Those did mean the world to you, you would save every penny you had to go and get that brand new one you always wanted. I remember going around with you to many stores looking for some new for them but some how we always ended up at Ben Franklins huh! I am so glad to see you are doing well. Dont ever let anyone get you down or fustrate you. Your better then that!
Posted 8/27/2008 1:06:50 PM
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