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Walking on broken glass.   —   Notes from a Marriage

In celebration of our third year wedding anniversary (which technically isn't until tomorrow) Adam and I made a two day trip over to Seaside, Oregon for some sand, seafood, shopping, and other S word stuff. It was a great couple of days and I'm a little sad to be back and at work. Our mini vacation made me realize that we haven't taken a vacation since we were married in Maui three years ago. Hawaii is greatly missed.

In our short time at Seaside we, ate an extravagant seafood dinner by candlelight at a table with a beach front view, drank champagne and splashed about in our in-room jacuzzi, took a tour of Seaside's adorable little "museum", visited the local Aquarium where I was able to feed some seals (and was fiercely splashed by a mean-spirited bully seal) and saw an octopus up close and personal, rode in bumper cars which turned out to be insanely fun, browsed shops, rode a carousel, bought taffy and fudge, took a long walk on the beach, drank afternoon cocktails, and ate more seafood. Life being Mrs. Alexander is awesome.

Posted 8.28.2008 3:22:30 PM

Mr. Space wrote:
Looks like you scared all the kids off the carousel. Or at least scared their parents into not letting their children on with a Daywalker.
Posted 9/3/2008 3:32:32 PM - Mr. Space's website
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