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The silence is deafening.   —   The Social Experience

Hello Internet. I'm here.

I hadn't forgotten about you, in fact, I've thought of you everyday. But I needed to wait a few weeks before coming back into your life because anything I would have written lately would've sounded something like, WHAAAAAAAAAA.

But I'm better now. For the most part. Trying to take everything in stride. Thinking of war-torn countries, refugees, terminal illness, disease, starvation, slaughter, in order to put my problems in perspective. That, and really long showers. Works (most) every time.

Also helping matters considerably is a certain bubbly blond who dresses mostly in black and has the super power of withstanding uncomfortable shoes. A while back we discovered a mutual giddy excitement over the Silent Hill games (me having played the 1st, she having played the 4th) and agreed that we would take my recent purchase of the 2nd and play it together. Because really, Silent Hill is too creepy to play alone. So the past two nights have been full of candlelight, wine, good food, and playing a scary video game with my blond counterpart. Life can't be all that bad now, can it?

Of course now the addiction begins. I desperately want us to lock ourselves in my living room for days and do nothing but play Silent Hill and giggle drunkenly while we get freaked out by scary music and run around trying to solve weird-ass mysteries. Must play! Need to play! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Yeah, life is hard (if you live in Silent Hill, ahhhhhhhh!)

Posted 9.10.2008 12:49:24 PM

N@ wrote:
Awwwrrr...I feel the exact same way. More Silent Hill! More wine! More giggles and more Heather!
Posted 9/11/2008 1:33:36 PM
TDC wrote:
Now this is an addcition I can understand. I was once a card carrying member. Though the only problem is my dealer up and moved to Portland on me. . . N@ you're a lucky blond and be careful she has nails and can break glass with her screams (amoung many other super powers)
Posted 9/15/2008 3:08:44 PM
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