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Who says it's hard to meet men?   —   Comic Books

Ever since finishing Summer of Night by Dan Simmons, I've decided to take a book-reading sabbatical and catch up on some stacks of comic books that have been warming my shelves for some time. Every morning and every evening, on the bus ride to work, I take out a comic book or two and pass the commute reading. One out of every three instances wherein I'm reading a comic book some nearby male engages me in conversation about the fact that I'm reading a comic book. The topic of conversation varies, some men are just shocked that a girl would even chose to be reading a comic book at all. Other times they want to have a discussion about the particular comic book I'm reading. And some just want to talk about comic books, period. My taste in comics usually lean more toward the obscure and if you're not a serious comic book reader it's most likely you've never even heard of the titles I read. I'm finding that most of the men who talk to me about comics read mostly from the Marvel universe, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man. I don't know if this is because of the recent popularity of Marvel comic book-based movies creating a resurgence of interest in those titles, or because Marvel characters are just cooler. Who knows! The "type" of guy that talks to me about comics varies as well. I've had a few, what appeared to be, older uber geeks talk to me. Those are usually the ones that comment on "pretty girls" don't usually read comic books and will you marry me please. I've had some young dorks who aren't very well informed in comic book knowledge and I mostly just spin their heads with comic book shit they've never heard of before. I've had older regular-joe guys comment on my choice of reading material. And I've had a few downright hunks want to chat my ear off about titles that I love. In the past three weeks I've been approached about every other day. It's astounding!

Today was a young cutie named Ben. While I was reading a trade paperback of Birds of Prey, he decided to ask me about the comic I was reading. "What's it about?" he asked. I laughed and said, I wasn't sure. I explained that I wasn't actually a BoP reader and that I was only interested in a side story that was taking place over the span of the five issues collected in this particular trade. He continued to smile and said, "Oh, I understand..." and then I continued to explain that the DC universe is a little too layered and bound in character/plot history to really hold my interest for long, it tends to get complicated and reference heavy and that I was only sucked in to this DC title because a writer that I enjoy jump started an older series that I've started to like ... and that's when his eyes glazed over and I'd lost him. He said, "I only read Spider-Man, I love that dude" and so I said, That's interesting, what do you think of the recent story reboot Brand New Day, where Peter Parker lives in a world where he and Mary Jane never marry and therefore having a domino effect on the rest of the past and present? He said, "Huh, I've never heard of that before, do they have that in book form, like at the library?" And it was then I realized that this guy isn't a comic book reader, he's just read comic books. And it was about that time when he changed the subject to Chuck Palahniuk. Yeah, I can talk Palahniuk too, bring it. Meanwhile I notice that about three other guys sitting close are not-so-subtly paying attention to my conversation with Ben.

One might assume that I've turned comic book geek because of my comic book geek husband. Actually, funny story. It was another girl that sparked my interest in comic books when she introduced me to Transmetropolitan and Preacher, and it was my newfound lust for comics that reignited my husband's long dormant love of comics. So yeah, it's come to this, I can out-geek the geeks. Who knew that could make a girl desirable? Strange days indeed.

Posted 10.14.2008 5:21:56 PM

Botch the Hitched wrote:
Marry me!
Posted 10/14/2008 5:25:40 PM - Botch the Hitched's website
VBOT wrote:
who introduced you to Transmetropolitan and Preacher? i just re-read the last tradeback of Preacher. it's so freakin good. and i know you love Spider Jerusalem. a tattooed arrogant brilliant bastard. hmmmmm
Posted 10/15/2008 9:16:40 PM
Doll wrote:
Do you remember Rachel? The girl from California with dreads who tattooed my birds on me? She lived with Anna and I for a summer ... she introduced me to comics. That is, if you don't count my obsession with Archie comic books when I was a kid. ;)
Posted 10/15/2008 10:36:12 PM
It's Me wrote:
Oh yes I remember Archie!
I continue to come back and check in on you and you always put a smile on my face with something you say that reminds me of our childhood memories. I remember reading all those archie while traveling up north. Listening to mom pow wow music...
Posted 10/16/2008 12:41:29 PM
N@ wrote:
Did you ever read The Invisibles or The Filth?
Posted 10/16/2008 9:32:13 PM
Doll wrote:
I did read the Filth and really enjoyed it. The Invisibles has been on my To Read list for years. I'll get to it eventually. Adam owns the series.
Posted 10/16/2008 10:45:53 PM
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