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West to East and back again.   —   Personal

Adam and I will be going back to New York City for a brief stay to attend the wedding of two of our good friends, John and Shelly. We're pretty excited to be going back for a visit, it will be the first time back since we left May 31st 2007. I'm looking forward to seeing all of our friends, of course, but what's surprising is that what I'm most looking forward to is being back in the City itself. My girlfriend Nat is partially convinced that I actually hate NYC. I don't blame her. Many of my stories in the beginning offered tales of misery and woe, and it would be hard to think that I ever actually loved NYC but alas, it's true. It took nearly a year of being away, of being cleansed by my Oasis in Portland, but I finally have started to remember all of the things that I love about NYC. And because there are so many, and because the foggy smudged veil has been lifted and I can once more see the City with fresh eyes, I'm beyond excited to revisit the place that shaped my life, and for eight years imparted its weird wisdom upon me.

Of course I know that we can never go home again. That the lives and places which we revolved around, and which revolved around us, have changed and in some cases, are gone. Which is why a wedding is the perfect excuse to return. What's the old saying, nothing brings family together like death and marriage? Out-of-towners will be in-towners, family men will be footloose and fancy free, and once again we'll unite the Circle of Power for more weird conversations, endless laughter, and drunken shenanigans. Let's just hope the reality of it all is as good as the fantasy.

It will also be lovely to take a mini vacation. To be away from my mundane work days, from a certain b&w cat who is seriously using up all of my patience when he decides to do stupid shit like, take a dump in the middle of the living room floor, and from waking up every morning to house painters outside my windows. And I love taking trips with my husband. It gives us an opportunity to reconnect and we always have a good time, (except for San Fran... DIE!) The only really bummer in any of this is that my girlfriend Nat isn't coming with us. I don't know why but for some reason I really want her along. Maybe it's because she has an intense fascination with NYC and I'd love to have her there with us so we can show her what it's really like, an insider's perspective if you will. Or maybe it's because she's so damn fun and my friends back east would love her. Oh well, maybe next time. Though I'm pretty sure the next time we spend money on a plane ticket it will be to go someplace WARM. I could seriously use a long dose of warm sand and fruity cocktails. John, Shelly, is it too late to move your wedding to Hawaii?

Posted 10.17.2008 2:22:04 PM

N@ wrote:
Psssh. NY is warm in the Summer. I say we go then. And while I can't be as awesome as Adam on my best days, I think we could rip us up some NY fun....AND fruity cocktails. I just have to have time to save up to afford them (a week on eight dollar cigarettes and I'll be lovin' the P-Town, I know).

I'm going to miss you so damn much!!! Get me a cheesy souvenir!
Posted 10/17/2008 8:01:08 PM
Doll wrote:
I will! I wanted to find you a t-shirt that said, "I (heart) NY ... because I don't know any better" lol But I don't think they make those! But rest assured, cheesy souvenirs coming your way.
Posted 10/17/2008 8:33:25 PM
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