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Scary Nation Under God   —   Personal

For the last month, like the rest of the country, I've devoted much of my spare time to informing myself on the politics and policies of this campaign, and also of the various reactions from your average American. I've been reading blog posts on everything, like the abortion/pro life issues, health care, tax issues, gay marriage, foreign policies, and their related comments from readers. My conclusion is... people are fucking nuts. It shocks me on a daily basis how different people are from each other when it comes down to (and I'm going to use a word here that I am SO sick of) the fundamentals of their beliefs. Quite frankly rather than becoming angry at why people think the way they do, I just get scared. Maybe scared isn't the right word, concerned? Confused? Most likely all of the above. I try to be open minded and realize that people are influenced by a varying degree of factors that are very much unique to the individual. How they were raised, what their financial situation is like, if they've been a victim of violent crime, if they've had severe health issues, there's just so much that goes into what shapes a person's beliefs, it's like taking a pyramid and trying to analyze it brick by brick. Sure, some people could be MORE informed before forming an opinion, myself included. But I would hope that one would still operate on the hope and ideal that A.) we want equal opportunities for all B.) we want individual rights to remain intact and in some areas, improved C.) that we DO want to spread the wealth around, because it's not enough for individuals to be wealthy, but ideally we want our communities to be wealthy, our small businesses to be wealthy, our schools to be wealthy, our NATION to be wealthy.

But much to my surprise the three, in my opinion, very basic ideals offered above are not always shared by all. It scares me a little and I come to wonder, who are these people that disagree? Are they my neighbors? My friends? My doctor? My boss? My family? Because in all honesty, how can one maintain a relationship with another when they disagree on the really important issues in life? If I knew this person and liked them, would I forgive them their beliefs? I have a hard time saying that I would. And I don't necessarily think that's a good thing. In fact, I think it's a dangerous thing for me to feel. I should be more evolved emotionally, more open minded to accepting people despite the fact that they are the kind of people that I believe have a dangerous way of thinking. Because maybe my liberal democratic way of thinking is actually dangerous. WHAT IF gay marriage were legal everywhere? WHAT IF we had universal health care? WHAT IF drugs were legal? WHAT IF abortion remained a right? WHAT IF our taxes were increased in order to place more money into our own communities and schools? Maybe the world would turn to shit. Maybe my dream of the United States of America being without poverty, homelessness, drug problems, unwanted and uncared for infants, segregation, restrictions on what constitutes marriage, families without health care, failed school systems, an America that honors the constitution, maybe that's just not an America worth living in. Is that it? Does that sound right?

Sometimes I see children who look so at peace with the world. They're out with their parents, they've got food in their bellies, warm clothes on, maybe they're staring up at the sky all radiant and in awe of the world, or maybe they're giggling and swinging from their parent's arm, oblivious to the trash on the sidewalk or to the homeless man begging for scraps, or to the political tug of war that's been happening in our nation. And I remember living in those times. The carefree careless times. When the world was magical and my playground and all I cared about was my family and my toys. And I yearn for that time. To be unburdened from my worries. To once again look at the world through innocent and unknowing eyes. Not concerned with the health of myself, my loved ones, or my pets. Not concerned with my financial future, my dissatisfaction with my job, the health of my marriage, the happiness of those around me, the state of my country. But now, everyday, I just sit in the shower with my head in my hands, trying to keep my brain in, letting the hot water purge me of my urge to scream and cry and pound my fists. Knowing full well that things could be worse, and being thankful that they're not, and hoping for the strength in the event that they are.

Posted 10.21.2008 3:00:20 PM

Dad wrote:
Diversity of Ideology's, that is the way of the world my darling. Aren't we glad we are not all alike. Aren't we glad that neccessity is the mother of invention and those that think differently have made a difference to us all.
Posted 10/22/2008 5:22:05 AM
Botch the Husband wrote:
The only opinions of others that bother me are the unexamined or misinformed ones. Stuff like, "our nation was founded as a Christian nation" or "Obama is a Muslim." Ignorance is the hardest thing to fight.
Posted 10/22/2008 12:00:01 PM - Botch the Husband's website
Doll wrote:
I guess I get most bothered when I read women write about how the only reason they're voting for McCain is because abortion is wrong, and Obama is a murderer because of his late term abortion belief (if the mother is in danger). It's scary that someone would vote for one of the candidates based only on one thing. And women who want Roe V. Wade overturned are fucking scary as hell.
Posted 10/22/2008 12:06:46 PM
N@ wrote:
I f*in' love you. It's true, I said it. I don't care who knows. 'Cause I could've written this, if I were as adept at writing as you are. I feel everything you just said, only mine isn't a marriage yet...
I guess this just furthers my confusion at how not everyone could grasp basic concepts that seem like common sense and decency. 'Cause you get it. Carl gets it. Adam gets it. Most of the people I know get it. So, either I am what you were mentioning - a person who is not as tolerant of other strains of thought as I would like to be - or, I have surrounded myself with the most awesome, wonderful human beings possible. They just have the added bonus of agreeing with me on things I deem important. lol
Posted 10/24/2008 6:36:11 PM
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