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Keeping the motor running.   —   Health - Exercise

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a tough job. First you've got to actually want to exercise, and for those of us who are out of shape and mostly sedentary, it's a monumental feat. Once you build up the motivation for the act itself, mostly through negative self evaluation (which is always fun, yay!), you have to then carve out time in your day to execute this difficult and painful activity. Then, once you do this say, once or twice, you have to persevere through the agonizing discomfort of sore muscles and the feeling that someone took your body apart and put it back together sans an instruction manual. And as if that weren't enough, once you start exercising you become even more hungry than usual. So now you have to call upon piles of self control and remind yourself that eating mountains of food is not actually a good idea, that it defeats the purpose of all the time and effort you've so far dedicated for the good of your body, and that you will not in fact die of starvation and/or sadness if you don't eat that beautiful piece of chocolate cake. And no, it is not singing to you in an angelic voice that only you can hear. The second to last task you must will yourself to do is to throw out that bag of Cheeto's that has recently become your best friend and replace it, as well as all others of its kin, with healthy foods like fruit and vegetables. Goodbye coca-cola, hello water. See ya gummy bears, welcome carrot sticks. And so forth. The absolute last and most important thing that you must do in all of this is to (at least in the very fragile beginning) do it everyday. Every god forsaken stupidly difficult tiresome sore dumb old day. That's the only way habits are created and the least you can hope for with exercising is that it becomes a habit.

With all that said, I've started running on my treadmill again. I go through stops and starts with exercise, from joining a gym and buying workout videos, to buying an elliptical machine that sucked and then finally a treadmill that I adore. I can never seem to find my groove or any constant motivation to keep my little phases from being anything more than just phases. So I've begun again, with the hope that I'm finally at that point in my life where I make exercise a daily activity. After all, I have to be in shape when the Apocalypse comes, if George Romero was wrong and the zombies are fast, I've got to be able to run.

Posted 12.10.2008 5:39:56 PM

N@ wrote:
Whatever. Life's too short. Gummies are yummy and the only sore I like to be in sore from dancing. Fun sore.

Still, when you are all ripped and in shape you can carry those of us who aren't farther during the zombie apocalypse. So, thank you, in advance.
Posted 12/11/2008 1:04:18 AM
Dad wrote:
You just need good athletic shoes Lamar, the ability to outrun everyone else is the survival tactic necessary during a Zombie attack. Let them eat "slow polks".
Posted 12/11/2008 5:48:33 AM
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