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On the one day we should have stayed home ...   —   Notes from a Marriage

Today is the one day out of the entire month that our local comic book store holds their recently instituted Warehouse Clearance Sale, wherein in an effort to rid their crammed and overflowing basement of thousands of old back issues, they mark them all $1. Also included in this sale is hundreds of graphic novels, all 50% off, as well as t-shirts, action figures, DVDs, trading cards, etc. Since Adam is a fool for back issues and I'm a fool for random independent graphic novels, it's something that we plan on and look forward to days in advance.

Today we awoke to a snow storm, I'm talking Snow Storm. Streaming the local news live on my computer I discover that the winds are blowing 40 to 50 miles and hour, making the 25 degree weather feel 10 degrees. The snow is coming down in sheets and no one seems outside or on the road. Since we don't have snow chains for our tires driving is right out. Invigorated by the energy of the storm whipping outside I suddenly have an intense desire to be outside, caught in the center of its violent chaos. I suggest the idea of bundling up, braving the forces of nature and taking the bus to the comic book store. It would be a hefty journey to be sure, cold and quite possibly unpleasant, but I was armed with a can-do spirit and the desire for adventure. Adam required very little convincing as he's always up for novel experiences and journeying out into the unknown is something we both actually really enjoy. We dressed in up to four layers, even layering our socks, smoked a little to dull the arctic blast, and set forth in quest for cheap comic books. What fun we had! Granted, we were extremely fortunate with the buses, in both instances to and from the comic book store we caught the bus immediately upon reaching the bus stop. The snow drifts were deep and difficult to walk through, the wall of snow and ice would hit my face so forcefully it would nearly knock me over, I whooped and hollered with kiddish enthusiasm.

The comic book store, whereas last month during the sale was packed, today was absolutely empty. Adam and I leisurely browsed for up to an hour, discovering small gems and collecting bulbous piles of ancient titles, by the end of our spree we were brimming with comic book joy. Along our homeward journey we hit the video store and grocery store, finally arriving home close to 6:00PM and weary from an afternoon of being pushed around by the wind and snow. We made a great dinner of turkey burgers and au gratin potatoes, watched an episode of Star Trek Voyager, and thawed. It has been a wonderfully memorable day and as I crawl in bed this night, listening to the whipping winds and watching the snow swirl cyclones outside, I will close my eyes with a smile upon my lips.

Posted 12.20.2008 10:51:15 PM

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