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Marriage Bliss and Sunday Blues   —   Notes from a Marriage

Since starting my new "career" in retail over a year ago, I've had to work Sundays. Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. It's the day of the week that always seems to run a little slower. People stay home, the streets are less crowded, the world outside is a little more quiet. It's the day that you watch a movie in the middle of the afternoon, the day that you put a little more effort into preparing food, it's the day where you organize your closet or start a jigsaw puzzle. It is not the day that you wake up at 8:30AM and go to work. But for me, it is. And it sucks. Big time. There's not a Sunday that goes by that I'm not tired or mildly hung over from the always late (but always fun) Saturday night activities. The house always seems a little warmer on Sunday mornings, a little cozier, and to leave Adam on his day off, well, I think my prior sentiment still applies.

Yesterday was our 10th anniversary. Ten straight years! Of togetherness! It doesn't seem possible that ten years have passed since I first decided that this new guy I met was quite possibly the coolest person I'd ever known. Quite possibly the smartest and funniest and strangest human being, and certainly the most physically compelling. Ten years of building one of the closest and strongest bonds of anyone I know. Ten years of laughter, of joy and excitement, of anger and frustration, of embarrassing moments and unbelievably memorable ones, of tears and smiles and sex and conversation, of the best ten years of my life. To celebrate we treated ourselves to a delicious brunch at Mother's Bistro. After going back and forth for days on what we wanted to do on our anniversary, and not being too terribly compelled either way on anything, we agreed on something organic, something we hadn't done in a long time, and something we always enjoy ... tequila horror movie junk food night! We restocked our fine tequila, rented two horror movies, picked up some Burgerville, built a fire, and proceeded to get extremely drunk and mock Alligator. There's always between movie drunken lovin, more junk food, Corona, and then the second movie, which in this case was Midnight Movie. Collapsing into bed around 1:00AM I fell asleep while Adam read a Stephen King short story to me. It was a perfect day and night of celebrating our friendship and marriage. I need more coffee.

Posted 1.25.2009 2:19:33 PM

Dad wrote:
Blissful in the Oasis, it makes a father proud. Kudos' to you both on your way down one of lifes many roads. I love you Lamar.
Posted 1/26/2009 7:01:19 AM
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