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Facebook   —   The Social Experience

What a dumb name, Facebook. It brings to mind an entire book with pages made from fleshy stretched out faces, thumbing through the chapters one would see the dried out leathery features of lipstick stained lips, eyelashless lids, flesh torn cheeks. With having my own website here I've never been eager to join the likes of MySpace and Facebook, their tacky features and visually assaulting style sheets repel me. If some of these pages were people they'd be wearing rhinestones and leopard skin spandex listening to country music in their pink stucco ranch-style trailer with plastic flamingos littering the yard and one of those Garfield stuffed animals with suction cups stuck to the rear window on their neon blue Hummer with a license plate that reads Hot4U. But much to my surprise and disappointment, most people do not have their own websites. And by most people I mean my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, the people I know. What they do have are MySpace pages, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, and whatever other crazy social networking websites are out there. And now, so do I. I've joined, much like the masses, to see what everyone is up to, to keep track of those who were once a daily presence in my life and to once again feel connected to those people in some small meaningless way.

Ever since updating my Facebook page to display my maiden name as well as my married one, I've reconnected with people who I never thought I'd talk to ever again. It's an amazing little site actually, far outstripping MySpace in terms of networking this website has taken my high school classmates, ex boyfriends, former colleagues, NYC friends, Portland friends, family members, Internet friends, and even an old babysitter, thrown them all together in one online community and given them all access to my life, and to each other's if they so desired. To some this is a terrifying prospect. Many people like the past to stay in the past, they don't enjoy reconnecting, they try hard to forget about the people who once mattered to them, and they have no interest for any of their small little armory-fortified worlds to collide. But as you have most likely gleaned from this website, I have no such qualms. In fact, if I could invite everyone I've ever known over to my apartment right now for a party, I would. I have very few secrets, little in the way of things I'm not proud of, and quite frankly am not too concerned with public opinion. I enjoy revisiting the past, reconnecting with lost souls, observing how some things have changed and how some haven't, and smooshing it all together with the things from the present to create one weird Things That Have Shaped Me stew. Fuck it, who cares? We all shit and fuck and eat and die, right?

So thank you Facebook, you annoying little website. I may not take your stupid movie quizzes or partake in the "poking" or whatever it is your more enthusiastic users do, but I do enjoy your very basic purpose. Oh Internets, what will you think of next?

Posted 2.19.2009 3:59:56 PM

Mr. Space wrote:
While I enjoy the reconnecting of long lost people from my life, I get annoyed when people become your "friend" just to be a voyeur. They friend you but then don't follow up with anything so much as a "Hi". Or maybe they just run out of questions after seeing my page. After a first glance, they can bypass the first 10 questions in a reconnect conversation:

1) What do you look like now?
2) Where are you living?
3) Where do you work?
4) Do you have kids/spouse?
5) What do your kids/spouse look like?
6) What movie, music, activities do you like?
7) Where have you traveled to recently?
8) What books are you reading?
9) What movies are you renting?
10) Who else have you connected with on Facebook?
Posted 2/23/2009 3:03:12 PM - Mr. Space's website
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