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The good, the bad, and the sleepy.   —   Personal

The bad news is this, the small little African decor store that I manage isn't doing so hot right now in this money-less economy, go figure. We've been operating this winter on six days a week but now we're closing a second day of the week which bumps my working days to three. That's right, three. This of course means that I need to find a second job to fill my two-too-many days off, something that I don't necessarily mind as I foresee many benefits from working a second gig, meeting new people, gaining more experience, having money, and having money. But I'm not thrilled by this either. Mostly because the actual looking for a job is a painful experience. All the false hopes and dreams dashed by a quiet and still Inbox.

The good news however is very good indeed.

After years of credit card debt that I have struggled on my meager earnings to pay off, I have finally succeeded! Thanks no doubt to my husband, who works hard to ensure that I am not homeless, starving, or without electricity. Yay!

And as far as the sleepy, well, I am just that, sleepy. It's part of my woman-curse, sometimes is worse than others and for the past week I've been nap-ready at any given moment. Occasionally, the walk to the bus seems so long I briefly consider joining an outdoor cat in a sunspot on the grass for a quick snooze before I can complete my journey. I guess Robert McCammon isn't helping matters with Swan Song, an apocalyptic story so enthralling I've been up late every night reading of Sister Creep, Colonel Macklin, Roland, and the little girl they call Swan. I guess I'll just have to make my pot of coffee stronger in the mornings until my zombie-like shuffle gets its bounce back. Until then, you'll just have to wait for Sluggernut, part 3. You're crushed, I know.

Posted 3.18.2009 10:24:33 PM

Dad wrote:
My darling daughter, I know of a remedy for your need to earn, write a book. You are so talented, with such a vivid imagination and the gift to communicate your thoughts on paper towards that end. It is "the road not taken" that you must persue. Do us all a favor and gift the world with your flowering talent. I have always known that someday you would put pen to paper, after all you have a poem in the American Library for American Poets. Share the love my sweet.
Posted 3/19/2009 5:36:22 PM
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