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Sunshine injection   —   Personal

Contrary to popular belief Portland is actually quite sunny during the winter months. Of course we're still the northwest and being the northwest means a fair amount of the winter days are cloudy and/or rainy, but the sun still does shine on many days, it's just stupidly cold (30's/40's) and so the experience of sun is had through window panes and on the short walks to and from the bus. Today however is completely different. It's actually kinda, sorta, warm (at 64), the sky is clear, and the air is infused with the smell of flowers. There's a slight breeze and the birds are singing a joyous choir from the budding trees. Spring is finally fucking here. At least for today. Of course, I'm at work today so my appreciation of the warm sunny smelly-good day is slightly dulled, however, I remain defiant of my confinement I have propped the doors open wide and keep hanging out on the sidewalk until I have customers. I need a lawn chair and a Mai Tai and the day would be complete.

I will start work on part 4 of Sluggernut today, the plan is to faithfully post in on Monday so we can all discover what happens to Gary and Daniel, but I have to tell you, it does not look good.

In the meantime I will share with you some disturbing little animated gifs posted to one of my favorite blogs, Planet Dan. Enjoy!

Posted 4.5.2009 1:15:43 PM

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