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Back to life, not to be confused with undead.   —   Holidays

Nothing makes a girl dance around her kitchen to Hall & Oates more than a fresh appreciation for being able to breathe through both nostrils! I've been all hacky and phlegmy for the last, almost week, and yesterday was my first day back to life. Granted I still have the cough of a 80 year old smoker but I'm seeing less brain matter in my Kleenex after blowing my nose so things are looking up.

I just celebrated my 31st birthday on Tuesday. I'm still not feeling "old" yet, just feeling a bit out of shape these days, nothing my treadmill can't fix I assure you. Me and that bitch haven't hung out since April so it'll be good to get back in the saddle again. Nothing cures feeling out of shape more than aching muscles! Woot! Sometimes being made of bones and meat really gets my goat, know what I'm sayin?

My birthday was a good one. I spent the afternoon on the couch with my cold and my cats, we all watched a movie and lay around groaning. I asked Adam for an eye exam/new glasses for my birthday gift this year so when he got home from work that's what we did. It was quick and painless and I picked out a sexy new pair of spectacles which should be available next week, be prepared to swoon. If you really want to know what kind of girl I am I think my birthday evening sums it up nicely, after hemming and hawing over what to do that night I finally decided what would make me most happy, KFC and a horror movie.

Allow me to explain, KFC used to be the ultimate dinner treat when I was a kid. It was celebrated in our house, like Easter or an A+ paper, a special occasion that like the former happened once a year and like the latter happened only when being graded for gym class. There was a time in NYC when I still lived there with a fellow Michigander and she too knew the special powers of a good KFC meal, we treated ourselves a few times while living in NYC until the venue itself grossed us out too much to ever return in good conscious. NYC restaurant chains having a unique way of reaching new levels of absolute disgusting that I've never found anyplace else. Go into a McDonalds or better yet, go into a Taco Bell ... I dare you! If your gag reflex doesn't kick in the moment you walk through the doors then you've got some special training in grossness. Anyways ... so I haven't eaten KFC in about ten years and ever since moving to Oregon the few that we occasionally drive past, call to me. So the KFC portion of the night was a very special treat indeed. Go ahead and LOL, I agree that it's funny (pathetic). Finger licking funny.

Nat and Carl came over bearing flowers and cake and presents, I mean what more could you ask for on your birthday, right? We ate KFC and drank vodka, played Flash Match (best game ever), and watched Puppet Master on VHS, complete with tracking issues and weird sound quality. We ate cake and (I)got very drunk and opened presents. The evening was awesomely capped off by kinky marital deeds that I cannot speak of on here, mostly because my father reads this blog and hell, even I have the decency of good manners once and a while. Not often though so, no worries.

I know I've neglected my blog and writing lately but I hope to catch up a little in the next few days. You can also follow me on Twitter if you so desire. Or come to my house and I can narrate you through my day, which is basically the same thing as my blog or twitter but with the added bonus of listening to my silly made up songs I sing while cleaning and seeing how gorgeous I look as I curse at the screen while playing Tomb Raider. I promise to share my liquor, something the internet has yet to figure out how to do.

Posted 5.14.2009 5:10:18 PM

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