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The only thing that's sweet are the cookies.   —   Holidays

I haven't been in much of a Christmas spirit this year and I've been trying my damnedest to figure out why. I'm usually a big fan of the holiday so what is it that's missing this year? Going through the checklist in my head of all the haves and have nots, it seems like a pretty standard Christmas on paper. Christmas tree? Check. Christmas cookies? Check. Christmas gifts? Check. Christmas music, impersonal holiday cards, roaring fireplace fires, bell-ringing Santas, crowded shopping aisles, holiday parties, heavy traffic, Christmas movies, and seizure inducing lights? Check, check, and check. And on Christmas day we'll have spiked egg nog, a ham dinner, a small group of friends, and holiday horror movies, so it seems like a pretty fun filled Christmas this year. The only two things that are really missing is snow, and family. Last year we had the snow. The year before that we had the family. Maybe a year with neither is the cause of my holiday hum bugs? Or maybe I just need to eat more candy canes.

One unique aspect to the holiday this year that I've quite enjoyed is a few art projects I've done as part of a gift-making exchange we're doing with two friends. It's allowed for some much needed creative thinking and the end results I'm both pleased with and proud of. And I have to say, I feel that it's way more satisfying giving these things that I made than going out and buying a gift. I'm thinking maybe next year I'll expand the gift-making exercise into all of my gift giving and try my hand at a few new artistic elements. And yes, there might be singing involved. Take heed!

And on a related note, I'm sick to death of trying to help shoppers decide what to buy their second cousin of their mom's best friend who they met once at a party but don't really know that well but have to buy them a gift because they sent us a Christmas card and we'll be seeing them at a party maybe. How about a hand shake and a compliment? Or instead, sure, you can buy them this key chain from Kenya, I'm sure they'll really appreciate it and treasure it always. Okay. Disenchanted with this hallmark holiday? Yes ma'am. I need to start whittling toys from blocks of wood to give to kids with cancer or something. Of course the horrible part about that is that they'd probably hate me for not bringing them an X-box instead.

And in the vein of whittling toys from wood to give to dying children, Adam and I rescued two homeless kitties last week from the freezing wilds of an abandoned Portland house and took them to a shelter. In one of those angry Who Does This? moments we attempted to herd five cats who had recently been abandoned when dip shit people who are surely going to hell moved out of their house and left their pets behind. It was around Midnight and 20 degrees outside so we weren't as successful as I would have hoped we'd been. Come to find out, it's way harder to corral five stray cats into your car than you'd think. In the end we were only able to get two of them, the two (as our friend says) who really sold themselves as the lovable ones. The other three were too skittish and after spending the better part of an hour standing there looking at each other with an utter lack of any real great idea on how to capture cats who don't want to be captured, we called it a night. The two that we took were as soft as bunnies and rode in the backseat without being caged. At one point they crawled onto the ledge in the rear window and stared all wide eyed at the traffic and lights. And yes, if Adam would have allowed it they would have come straight home with us. Instead I had to buy myself a vintage teddy bear because it won't vomit on my bed and eat tape.

Happy holidays!

Posted 12.23.2009 2:46:45 PM

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