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The "C" Man.   —   Cats!

Adam affectionately refers to our cat Commodore as The "C" Man. I adopted Commodore in Michigan mere days before moving to NYC where I started my life with Adam, so the two of them, Commodore and Adam, have both been the two constants in my life for eleven and a half years. Adam has great affection for Commodore, "We're buddies" as he puts it. But Adam keeps things in perspective, "He's a cat", he'll say when I balk at his lack of fervent love for our feline friend.

Commodore rarely comes anymore when I call for him. Adam says it's a simple case of supply and demand. Commodore knows my affection is in great supply so there's little demand for it. As expected, Adam is more reserved with the attentions he gives to Commodore. Adam even blatantly ignores Commodore's mewlings and proddings at times, spurring Commodore into vigorous headbutts and pawings. So when Adam calls out for Commodore, Commodore comes trotting in to him like it's such a fucking treat to be summoned by the Great Adam.

By and large Commodore comes to me for attention and affection. We have our morning and night rituals of petting and play times, and he still waits for me by the window to come home from work. But there's a ritual in particular that I am not a part of, and this is the Adam/Commodore chair custom. It takes on a few forms and the most entertaining one being the chair spinning play time bite time, time. Adam stands next to his office chair and pats the back of the chair and Commodore jumps into the seat. Adam then spins Commodore around in the chair, Commodore gets riled, and then some form of play involving Commodore attacking Adam's hand and arm occur. The other is more an act than an activity and that's simply when Adam is sitting in his office chair at the computer there comes a point in that session that Commodore comes by and wants to sit with Adam. Adam scoots forward allowing a sliver of space between his back and the back of the chair and Commodore jumps through the arched arm rests and lays down in that sliver of space.

It's secretly one of my favorite things and every time I spy this I warmly smile to myself.

Tonight as Adam was on the computer Commodore came by and wanted up. Adam ignored Commodore's obvious wishes so when I said, "Commodore wants in the chair", Adam replies in that dry Adam humor, "I don't give a fuck." And so Commodore sat at Adam's legs, waiting. Adam eventually stood to go to bed and Commodore immediately jumps into the chair and looks up at Adam with the, "You aren't staying?" look. Adam says, "There you go Commodore, just what you wanted" and walks off. And so Commodore stayed, content in his chair, keeping it warm for when Adam returns.

Posted 7.12.2010 2:21:19 AM

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