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Storm.   —   Personal

I have a backlog of blogs waiting to be written, the photos cropped and sized, notes on each topic jotted on a post-it or in google docs. Every day the intention to blog is there, vibrant in the morning like all of the other possibilities that line up in my head as I shower and dress. But my mind is elsewhere, muddled and confused with anticipation and anxiety. I'm having bad dreams, night sweats, and at some point in my early morning slumber I become aware of a semiconsciousness that's rolled into my dreams so I continue to wake up, startled, every half hour or so. I don't feel rested. And it's been going on for days, the result of my heavy mind, and the stress builds like a toxin in my blood and my body reacts unpredictably. My life is cake, I know. But life is bothersome in so many ways and worries creep in like vines.

Posted 8.4.2010 6:37:11 PM

Dad wrote:
You need a vacation my sweet......Margaritaville is a good place to start.
Posted 8/11/2010 3:26:51 PM
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