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Man for Man   —   Frustration

There are no gentlemen in this city. The time that once existed when men held open doors for women, offered them a hand down a flight of steps, or gave their seat to a woman on the train, is no more.

What aided this chivalry in its death? Was it woman's right to vote or own property? Was it women in the work place or women in government? Women argue that they deserve equal treatment yet we (me) take note when we do not receive special treatment because of our femininity. How do these two expectations coexist within one individual without confliction? Are we seeking to become royalty among men?

It is a very fine line that some of us tread, establishing ourselves as intelligent, strong and powerful individuals worthy of treatment equal to or exceeding a man's. Yet at the same time making ourselves vulnerable, sexually appealing, and almost falsely persuasive in the idea that we need a man to aid us in some fashion. So closely we guard what we've established and so hungrily we seek out new territory to conquer that in the midst of the war within ourselves we forget to breathe and live and to just be human.

Men wonder often times why women are so insane. Why are we so difficult to understand?

It is a mystery in fact, even to us. Our behavior is at times irrational, unexplainable and confusing. Our goals sometimes contradict each other and our desires do the same. We do not ask that men understand these things, but only that they accept them. And please, if you are able, open the door for a lady.

Posted 9.18.2003

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