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Pink drinks and bakery bars.   —   A New York Moment

Cosmos, my new favorite drink. They're pink, they come in a nifty glass, and they get me drunk without the taste of gasoline on my tongue. Last night, when I went to go see the band, The Invincible Doctor Psyclops Invasion, I went up to the bar and was about to order a beer but when I saw the bartender and the pretty and tasty drink she was making for the pretty and tasty girl at the end of the bar, I responded to her "What can I get you baby?" question with a "Whatever she just ordered" response. It was good, and I had another. But at $10 a pop two was my limit, still, it was just enough.

The bar was pretty cool. Actually I don't know how much of a "bar" it was other than it had one in it. It was actually more of a poetry club with a bar, a bakery/coffee counter, and live music. When we arrived at 8:00 the "poetry people" were just finishing up and I must say they all looked intriguing. I thought to myself, "So this is where the smart, literate and interesting people hang out." You know, the people who aren't your friends and that like to talk about things other than shoes, sex and rock and roll. People who don't ask you how your job is, instead they ask you what book you're reading. I was little envious but at the same time I felt like I didn't belong there. I never seem to fit in comfortably anywhere so I just stood around, all awkward, and waited for the poetry people to leave so I could stop posing.

The band, Doctor Psyclops, was pretty cool. I'm used to seeing them with more members playing so I thought the sound was pretty empty but they did a great job covering the Alan Parsons song Eye in the Sky. The band that went on after them was interesting. It was a five piece and they did all instrumental covers of popular old movie songs and some TV shows. They were good and entertaining but it got old after a while.

The band after that we didn't stay for. We saw a glimpse of them while they were doing sound check and I got the impression that they would pretty much suck. They also looked like they were trying too hard, with all of their rock and roll looks, and that's pretty annoying right there. So we left, it was late anyways.

Overall, the evening was pretty enjoyable but not for the reasons you'd expect. Mostly I enjoyed sitting outside with the Doctor Psyclops members, waiting for the club to let us load in the equipment as we apparently arrived too early. It was a nice night and it's good to hang out with friends on the sidewalk under a dark sky. I enjoyed the smell of the popcorn that the bakery/coffee counter was popping up, the smell filled the club and made my stomach growl. I enjoyed the car ride to and from the club, Chris is a scary driver and Eric has interesting DJing techniques, I sat squished up against Adam in the backseat basking in his scent and his warmth. I enjoyed going to the bathroom in the creepy old basement of the club and once, running into Adam on my way back and stealing kisses in the dank shadows of the strange underground space.

Life is all about the little things.

Posted 10.9.2003

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