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LuLu Dolls   —   Kid Stuff

I've got a friend that makes magic dolls. She sews them from scratch, each limb, every hair, all the smiles. She makes little clothes to cover their soft naked bodies. Every night, the dolls start to yawn. They yawn and they stretch and they scratch at their stitching and pull at their yarny hair and start to move about. They climb the dressers and make funny faces in the mirrors. They dance on the rugs and play hide-and-go-seek behind the furniture. Sometimes they even crawl into the big human beds and cuddle up next to warm flesh as it lies sleeping. These dolls need no food or water! They require no piano lessons nor do they need a ride to their friend’s house nor do they need proper schooling! All they require is a home. House your magic doll today! http://luludolls.com/

Now, shoo! The LuLu's need you.

Posted 10.24.2003

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