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America the Offended   —   Frustration

(This blog post is in response to the Super Bowl halftime show and the claim of the viewers and participants of the football event that they were offended by what took place on the halftime stage.)

What does it say about Americans that we're offended by a two second flash of a breast? Does it say that we're uptight? Not really. In fact, most of the British think we're vulgar. Does it say that we're all God-fearing decent citizens who are now afraid our children have been corrupted? Umm, no. The crap that most kids watch on MTV and cable and see in advertisement and magazines has already long since corrupted our children. What it really says it that Americans are hypocrites, plain and simple.

What does a bared breast say to you? Does it say “SEX!”? Does it say “SIN!”? Does it say “ANIMAL!”? Does it say “INDECENCY!”? Perhaps it's crass and rude to bare a breast, especially on national television, but for the life of me I can't figure out why.

Everyday Americans and their children watch Reality shows that display their participants as being shallow, greedy, vain, judgmental, deceiving, self-absorbed, manipulative people. Is a bared breast worse than all that?

These programs show how human beings will go to new lows every day to be a winner. Eat some live spiders? Sure! Get locked in a tank with snakes and scorpions? Why not!

Participants lie and deceive to the other participants to see who gets to marry the STRANGER. Participants have to choose between the "ugly" and the "beautiful" and then try to convince the world they picked the beautiful person because of their personality. Recently the new additions include models who compete against other models to try to be the Top Model. Teaching all the young girls who watch that show that you have to be absurdly skinny in order for the world to think you’re beautiful. And what's that plastic surgery one where you have to tell people how being ugly has ruined your life and compete against other ugly people with ruined lives to see who gets to be the winner of a plastic surgery makeover? Hell, just turn me into an android right now. I can't take it anymore!

And we love it. We eat it up with a spoon and feed it to our youth as well.

MTV is like soft-core porn with famous people lip-syncing. Dancers wear virtually nothing and they bump and grind everything that gets near their crotch. Lyrics chant about sex and lust and drugs and abuse and desire and money and so forth and so on. Is a bared breast worse than all this?

Pick up a magazine, almost any women's magazine, and you're bound to run into a breast within its contents. Not only a breast here or there but women who are rubbing themselves in their own beauty and the beauty of the other women around them. One image for all of womankind, beautiful, skinny, perfect, well dressed, well manicured, and overtly sexy. Every article is how you can better your appearance or please your lover in bed. Daughters across America are picking up their mother's magazines and learning how to diet and give a better blowjob. You think I’m exaggerating but when I was a little girl I would sneak into the basement and read my mother’s Cosmos. It’s all in there.

Billboards as big as a HOUSE featuring men and women laying on each other half naked and advertising jeans or perfume or cigarettes or alcohol. And how about those Victoria's Secret ads? Hubba hubba.

Sitcoms, movies, video games, commercials, the internet, the fucking NEWS, every place we look we are being bombarded with sex and violence. Not to mention displays of humanity being unjust, corrupt, crass, lying, greedy, self involved horny people.

Not that I’m complaining. Personally I’m a big fan of sex and violence, of sexy men and women and the drama of the shallow and deceitful people of television. I’m no better than anyone, so what I’m saying is, a breast?

Come on. Get over it. If that offends you than you should get rid of your television, turn off the radio, close the blinds, burn your magazines, and stay in your house, forever, because this world is only getting more outspoken and more crass and more offensive every day. Either you teach your children how to deal with these things and make them smart enough to be respectable individuals or don't have kids. If you haven't learned to deal with it yourself, as an adult, then how in gods name do you get through the day?

There's nothing wrong with breasts, I've got two of them and they've never once offended me. In fact, there's nothing more natural. Just ask the photographers over at National Geographic. So there’s another argument. If by saying a bare breast offends us does that send the message to young girls that their bodies are something to be ashamed of? For as much as the media is shining a glorifying light on sex, there’s also the stigma that sex is dirty, wrong, sinful.

As for the American flag Kid Rock wore as a poncho and people took offense well, let me ask you, what IS the American flag, really? It's a symbol, right? So what do we say about the t-shirts that are made with the picture of an American Flag on the front, or the jacket pins made to look like a tiny flag, or the bumper stickers, car plates, underwear, boxers, socks, blankets, pillows, rugs, mail boxes, leather jackets with the flag portrait on it's surface? This isn't offensive as well?

Now, please understand I'm not saying that people are wrong to be offended, honestly I'm not, I'm just saying take a look, an intimate look, at your own lifestyle and your thoughts and actions. Do you abuse alcohol, do you lie to your family or coworkers, are you an adulterer, do you use drugs, do you steal, are you a shitty person, do you make other people feel like they are shitty people, do you beat up your kids or your wife, do you hurt animals, but more importantly, DO YOU LIKE BOOBS?

And weigh any of those dark truths about yourself against what ideal you're about to defend or be offended by, because even a bared breast isn't worse than a fucking hypocrite.

Posted 2.4.2004

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