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Early in the mornings as I walk from my apartment to the subway station four blocks away, I daydream about what my morning would be like if I were to stay home and not go to work. This morning I imagined myself sitting on the couch in my pajamas drinking coffee and watching a morning show on television. The sun would be streaming through the windows and warming the room and the cats would be sleeping in their respective favorite spots, opening their eyes every once and a while to glance suspiciously around the room. I would make myself a small breakfast consisting of cereal and an english muffin, and I would continue to sit on the couch through two syndicate episodes of E.R.. Eventually I would take out my laptop and snuggle further into the couch to surf the net, reading the news and jotting off emails to this person and that one. After an hour or so on my laptop I would finally get off the couch and lazily stretch and walk a few feet over to the beanbag chair where I would then settle in to its black plether softness and turn on the PlayStation 2, bringing Lara Croft to life once again. My daydream kind of stops there as I walk down the subway stairs and I am hit by the scent of urine. I guess urine has that ability, to crush daydreams. It's for the best I suppose, because even in my daydreams I am plagued by the Adam-guilt of not being productive enough in my day which leads to daydreaming of errands I should run or projects I should start or finish. As of now, and for the rest of the day, I will be stuck in my head playing Tomb Raider and drinking coffee with the cats nearby to make me smile.

Posted 4.28.2004

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