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Set your freezer to defrost.   —   Comic Books

As summer hypothetically approaches I find myself eager for all of the things that such a magical season brings me. Among the many are popsicles; bare feet; electric fans; cool showers; watermelon; egg salad sandwiches; lemonade; lilacs; nudity; and comic books. These are all very wonderful and important aspects of summer and at the end of every winter I feel as though these things have been missing from my life for decades.

Though the warm weather is not yet upon us I am already reintroducing myself to my comic book collection. Through the winter my comic book reading fell away while I directed my attention to reading a few novels. Now I'm as excited as ever to jump back into my favorite comic book character's lives and maybe find some new ones. Last week I read the first trade paperback of the Ultimates and found myself pleasantly surprised. I'll be diving into the second trade of the Ultimates soon, along with the last trade of Bendis's Alias, and both of the Sam and Twitch series. I'm also eager to reread Warren Ellis's Planetary series so I can then start picking up the more recent issues that have been published after Planetary's very long hiatus, and maybe this year will be the year I reread The Preacher, my favorite comic book series to date. Of course there are the other series such as Powers; Runaways; Catwoman; Y; and Gotham Central, that I'd either like to continue or start reading. And I thought perhaps since I’m so involved with horror movies that I should give a try at the horror comic genre. Not that I've been avoiding them, in fact I have quite a few horror comic limited series already, but I think this summer I'll make a point of seeking out specifically the horror/monster genre. Goddamn I love that shit.

Posted 4.29.2004

Something is wrong with me.
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