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Animal Kingdom   —   Personal

Most mornings when my eyes are still blurry from slumber and my hair still knotted from where Commodore kneaded my head while I slept, I stop at one of the windows in my apartment and stare dreamily out at the moving trees. I watch a squirrel chase a bird on the roof next door, and I watch the bird playfully chase the squirrel back. I stare at the clouds moving swiftly across the morning sky, unsure of their destination in the day, and I watch a stray cat in the grass as it stalks an unaware bird nibbling on a piece of bread that a neighbor threw out.

And on this morning as I sat up in bed still tired and tangled, my vision drifted to the windowsill at the end of my bed where I see both of the cats affectionately sharing the narrow space. They sit almost awkwardly among the candles and incense holder and bottles of scented lotion, and they stare intently out the window, swishing their tails and quietly chattering. And as I watch them watching the clouds and the trees and the squirrels and the birds I think to myself, I'm just like you.

Posted 5.14.2004

On this day I do.
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