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New York's Finest   —   Frustration

Every day as I pass through Grand Central station on my way to and from work, I notice the hordes of police officers standing around in groups, talking amongst themselves and generally looking bored and tired. I think because of it being Grand Central station the city believes it should bulk up security or the appearance of security in such a high profile building. But every day as I notice these groups of three to five police officers standing around and not paying attention to anyone or anything, I find myself concerned that the population of New York City relies on these individuals to protect and serve them. Most days I witness these officers, New York's finest, (and I shit you not) pick their noses, drink soda and eat chips, read the paper, stare at attractive females and then nudge one another while they smirk and snicker, and on a few occasions I've even seen them playing with a gameboy.

Now, I understand that when you are assigned to patrol a subway station that it may not be the most exciting way in the world to spend your day. And I realize that these men are only human, they aren’t some perfect robotic law enforcer or some slick movie idealized FBI agent. But if you're supposed to keep an eye out for suspicious activity then your eyes need to be on the crowd, your ear needs to be listening for a pin drop, you need to be alert and on your feet and ready for anything. But these cops barely look ready to give you directions let alone save any lives or keep the weirdos from doing anything stupid.

But rest assured folks, your safety is in strong and capable hands. Just as soon as I finish this level of Pitfall, I'll chase after that guy who just stole your purse. Be right there ma'am, just one more minute ...

We're all screwed.

Posted 5.28.2004

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