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Weekend Wedding Wonderful   —   The Social Experience

Saturday, May 29th. The Wedding.

I attended the wedding of my good friends, Miss V. and Mr E. The wedding was lovely and graceful and free from the conventional formalities that bind and bore. The outdoor ceremony began with a beautiful accordion piece, which played to the entrance of the bridesmaids and eventually the bride. The vows and talking parts were quick and to the point, (marry her? yes! marry him? yes! ok, kiss! TA-DA!) and as the newlyweds walked through the crowd we all played kazoos. The end. Or rather, the beginning. But let me rewind and tell the Before Wedding parts.

On Friday I did last minute I-need-a-new-dress shopping. Thankfully I found the new dress at only the fifth place that I went to. It was $100 (which is expensive in my opinion), and deep plum purple with hand stitched flowers and a plunging neckline. Perfect! So, on Saturday at a friend's house an hour before the wedding, when I'm looking lovely and feeling springy and joyful, I'm eating a slice of pizza and a big sploodge of grease goes right down the front. Brilliant. In all honesty I wasn't even being careful, so I really did have it coming. I was hungry and happy to be eating and in a pretty spring dress, I was outside in great weather with a group of my close friends and I was actually spinning around in the backyard with a slice of pizza in my hand when it happened. So I spent the next hour in a girlfriend's pajamas spot cleaning and blow drying my brand new dress. But, it came out. Mostly.

And somewhere in between my dress fiasco and the wedding itself, I was practicing playing the Kazoo with a group of four friends. We were to play Mendelssohn's Wedding March during the recession and hadn't rehearsed it yet and I was feeling frenzied and nervous. All of the boys on Kazoo were musicians and I being the only girl, and the only non-musician, I was a bit self-conscious of my kazooing technique. But, when the wedding ceremony was over and we started to Kazoo, (after my heart raced, my face flushed, and my knees weakened) it went off wonderfully.

So, after the wedding the drinking began ...

I was pretty much drunk after the first beer. Come to find out I was favoring the beer with the most alcohol content (big surprise), and after my 10th plastic cup full around the third hour I wasn't noticing that it was in the low 40's and my whole body was as cold as a popsicle. In fact, I even took off my cardigan when I danced to The Darkness.

After we left the wedding around 11:00 p.m. Adam and I headed over to Adam's mom’s place, which was abandoned for the weekend. This place is a mini mansion I might add, and we promptly invited four of our friends to come party and take advantage of the pool table, foosball table, black jack table, and big screen tv. After smoking a J, eating all of the snack food in the house, playing half dozen games of foosball, and stalking the cat, we all passed out.

The wedding was perfect, the before and after were a blast, and even though we didn't skinny dip at this one like we did at the last wedding I attended, it was most certainly a good time.

Posted 6.2.2004

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