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If you see a hormone, beat it up.   —   Personal

I've been too tired this week to even think about writing, and when I dared try all I could think to write about was an essay on how to fall asleep at your desk without anyone noticing. My life is an awesome life.

And in other exciting news, I've been apartment sitting/cat watching this week. A girlfriend of mine is on vacation so I'm at her place every other day to keep and eye on things and to play with the cats. Of course this also translates into eating free food, watching free cable and using a Mac. She's got a great apartment, a closet to be jealous of, a wine rack full of wine and a gigantic television. But the neighborhood smells like fresh garbage everyday. It's like the sidewalks are soaked in the smell and it just radiates from the ground. It's not a pleasant thing first thing in the morning that’s for sure. Saturday is my last day staying there and I plan to play video games all day and finish my Dennis Lehane novel. But first I’ll have to survive my dentist appointment which will consist of the Evil Dentist drilling out a chipped filling and replacing it. Just thinking about it makes me want to stick my fingers in my eye sockets and poke my brain out ... I guess that's why I haven't been thinking about it much.

Tonight while my friends gather at a bar somewhere in the city and listen to another friend belt out some tunes, I'll be going home and promptly falling asleep by 9:00. Because the goals in my life are important ones.

I wonder if I can auction off PMS on ebay ...

Posted 6.18.2004

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