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I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately and I'm not talking spiritually and emotionally sad and gray, I'm talking head pounding stomach churning eye squinting, under the weather. Yeah, it's been a real blast. But I'm feeling better, for the most part, at least right now at this moment, so I figured I'd post some words and do a little dance.

I've been doing a lot of laying around lately and I can tell you what fun THAT has been. The pillows, the cushions, the blankets, the sleepy pants ... let's just say things got a little crazy for a while there and we had to put away the leopard print pillows. And then there was the time that I dreamt that I was sleeping and then I woke up, and then I woke up. Boy was I confused. But nothing tops the days I spent mixing aspirins and ibuprofens and cold/flu/sinus/allergy medicine to try to quell the construction in my head.

"Now what's that sound from under the door? He's pounding nails into a Hardwood floor... and I Swear to god I heard someone Moaning low... and I keep Seeing the blue light of a T.V. show... He has a router And a table saw... and you Won't believe what Mr. Sticha saw, What's he building in there?"

One of these days, when I have the time, I'll think of something interesting to say and you will be the first ones I tell.

Promise. But, you have to wait.

Posted 7.1.2004

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