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There was this one thing, once.   —   The Social Experience

On most days I notice things in life that I think to myself, 'I've got to remember to blog about that!', as it seems when I'm in the moment that I could blog for hours about the smelly guy sitting next to me on the subway, or the tuna I had for lunch. I start the blog in my head, making little jokes and chuckling to myself as stranger’s eyes dart my way suspiciously. But when I'm in front of my laptop and I'm bored at work and I open my blog link and go to create a new blog entry, my mind is suddenly as blank as the screen in front of me. My eyes blinking with the cursor, my brain searching for all that is interesting in my thoughts, my lips curving around the start of a silent word, any word, some word, God please help me start this blog!

So here I am, at the lowest of lows, blogging about how I have nothing to blog about. Every day I think I finally want to end my blogging career and then I'm sustained by the hope that one day, I'll have something interesting to say. And so it stays, spared for another day, only to sit in judgment again tomorrow.

Here's something maybe. For the first time in 10 years, I've planned a slumber party. Excuse me, a Slumber Party. We're talking an old school girls only sleepover complete with cheesy 80's movies, junk food, nail polish, Oujia Board, Truth or Dare, raiding the liquor cabinet, and prank calls. Oh yes, and pillow fights. Naked sweaty pillow fights. Because, as all the men know, that's what we girls do when we're together.

Uh, so, I was at a BBQ last weekend. It was pretty cool, standard fare, but when I whipped out my digital camera to take some photos of my friends, as usual they all duck away and give me pissy looks like I'm the paparazzi or something. Now, I'm not all up in their faces or anything trying to get a shot of their nose hair and asking everyone to SMILE BIG!, in fact I'm very discrete, trying to get photos of people just talking and having a good time. But rarely does that go over so well and now it's to the point where I just feel bad when I start to take any photos. Like I'm being rude or something. So, I'm at the BBQ and I just smoked a J with some friends and I bring out my digital camera and start taking photos of everything BUT the people. Fire escapes, clusters of phone wire, smoke from the grill, plastic bug shaped pinwheels stuck in the dirt, sunlight through the trees, everyone's feet, all kinds of shit. And then the PEOPLE right, the people start looking at me like I'm a fucking lunatic because I'm taking all these random photos and not taking any photos of THEM. I'm telling you, I just can't win sometimes. But, I have to say, some of those pictures are really great. Nothing like a stoned photographer to get some great shots.

Yeah, so there's a story. Or something like a story. Yeah, that’s not a story at all.

Posted 7.15.2004

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