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Things are only things until they are nothing.   —   Personal

The date for our move to the West Coast keeps getting further and further away. We've decided on a minimum dollar amount we feel we must have in order to make the move with any confidence. It's so hard to save money living in New York City. We're only at a quarter of what we need financially and we've only seven months left to make the mark. It doesn't look like it's going to happen and now we're talking about the move happening in June 2005. It's pretty depressing but I guess it's not as depressing as moving and being insufficiently prepared. Which reminds me, does anyone have an extra 20k laying around that they just don't really want? It could be blood money, drug money, daddy's money, we're not picky.

I think I'll leave early today, there doesn't seem to be anyone arou-ound. Just like Tiffany.

Posted 7.16.2004

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